PHYTO's 1st Concept Store Arrives in Miami at Trini in Private

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How do you feel when you find yourself pulling more and more hair out of your brush and out of the shower drain? It can be extremely frustrating! The once before compliments by your stylist, "Wow, you have great hair" have now stopped. It's also aggravating to spend hours in front of the mirror parting and re-parting your hair to see which way looks fuller. The key to better hair growth and healthier locks is sometimes acknowledging you may have an issue thus asking your stylist for advice.

Over-processing with color, overuse of heated instruments, and the environment-all are things that contribute to weakened strands and unhealthy hair. With unhealthy hair, not only is your appearance affected but also the long-term condition of your hair, sometimes resulting in hair loss. Next, it is often that we judge people when we first meet them, especially based on appearance. Sad, but true. Well-kept, luxuriant, lustrous hair signifies beauty, youth, health, and vitality. So to strengthen and correct any issues you may have with your hair, visit the PHYTO Concept Store exclusively at Trini in Private Brickell Avenue.

With the first PHYTO Concept Store to launch in Miami, New York and Chicago will open soon!

The PHTYO Concept Store is a full product "trend bar" consisting of customized shampoo that is applied at each styling chair. All complimentary, once the diagnosis of scalp and hair is complete, the stylist personally prepares each special shampoo and applies it with a brush. The application is then followed by a scalp massage to initiate natural processes within the scalp: head oil secretions balance and strengthen the hair fibers and ensure absolute health and beauty of the hair. Trini in Private's customized essential oils, shampoos and treatments are highly concentrated which instantly repair hair and create maximum shine and movement as well as extend the life of any color.

PHYTO Product Line

A comprehensive product line for hair and scalp, PHYTO products are divided into color-coded categories to assist you in selecting a complete program ideally suited for your lifestyle and your hair's unique demands.

Each PHYTO product is designed to achieve immaculate hair results thus defining you. Hair is part of our identity: part that makes us different from others. Whether brunette, blond, red or green, our hair makes a statement about ourselves. Style, color and length-all can be maintained at optimal condition when using PHYTO'S product line.

Trini in Private Miami Hair Salon and Spas opened in 2007 in Miami and New York City. For more information, visit our website or contact the main office at 786.220.7941.

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