Phruit As A Call Centre Company

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Phruit Limited is a reputed Call Centre company offering high quality services in Market Research, Lead Generation, Hot Key Transfers, Data Cleansing, Telesales and other Call Centre services. It is located in Nottinghamshire and offers its services to businesses based in the UK and offshore. The company has earned a good name for its unique approach to solving business problems and meeting business needs, and for offering excellent services in a short time using high-end technology and cost effective methods.

The many services

The UK based call centres and international call centres of Phruit Limited provide top class services for the outbound and inbound campaigns.

• Market Research is the first step towards Lead Generation. Without this activity, you cannot generate leads. This is the process through which you learn the current trends in the market and identify the needs and wants of the consumers. The information collected is then analysed by Phruit and you will be able to improve and modify your products and services suiting the needs of the market.

• In Lead Generation, Phruit is quite a leader. It generates superior quality and reliable consumer as well as business leads. The fresh leads are then provided to the direct marketing teams and the telesales teams for carrying out the campaigns in an effective way. More than 30,000 telephone consumer surveys are conducted every week. Through this service from Phruit, your sales teams will also receive additional data capture that can be used in future projects and services.

• Hot Key Transfers is an extended form of the Lead Generation service. The Hot Key Transfer service from Phruit is of exceptional quality and has been developed by investing huge amounts of money. After completing the consumer surveys, the representatives of Phruit Limited pass the details and the names of the prospects to the follow up team, where the interest of the prospects in your products and services are verified. This will make it easier for your company’s sales team to finally close the sale.

• Data Cleansing is the service that helps in cleaning and updating a company’s consumer and business database with the accurate information. For maintaining the integrity of the company database, this service is essential. The company offers the right information on the existing as well as the lapsed customers; this proves to be highly beneficial for your company when making communications. The service is also great for identifying business decision makers and for maintaining brand awareness with your customers.

• Telesales is another great way to sell products and services over the phone. This is a cost effective way for communicating and proves to work almost always if the right approach is used. Phruit Limited has years of experience in offering excellent services in Telesales. The representatives are very friendly and professional and know the key to successful telesales. Through this service, your company can experience a hike in sales in a very short time.

Do not wait; ask for Phruit’s services now and bask in the many merits. No matter what your business problem or requirement is, Phruit has a solution for every need.

Phruit Limited is a well known Call Centre company offering high quality services by utilising advanced technology and cost effective methods.

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