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As a wedding and portrait photographer, many of my custom albums are sold to wedding clients. It's expected that a bride and groom will want a keepsake of their favorite wedding images to commemorate that special event in their life. But weddings aren't the only important event in life. In fact, I think most parents will agree that every little yawn, first step, scrape on the knee, tooth falling out, bad haircut and four inch growth spurt is just as important as their own wedding album. So why not collect all these captured moments from your photographer and display them in a custom album to cherish forever?

Custom photographic albums are a wonderful way to not only display images of your children, but it will also be a sentimental gift and even become a family heirloom as the time passes. As a child, most of us never thought twice about photographs that were taken of us by family and friends. As an adult and especially as a parent, you begin to wonder where those famed bad perm photographs or bowl cut school images are so that you can show them to your children. Photographs will always be an important part of family life, but photojournalism of your family and children is even more important. They say an image speaks a thousand words, but a photojournalistic album of a family trip to the lake or to the local ice cream parlor will create memories for generations to come. The next time your professional photographer suggests a custom family album to go along with your portrait session be sure to consider the investment, not only for you, but for your children as well.

Author: Whitney Elizabeth of Whitney Elizabeth Photography and NAPCP member. The National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) offers parents a directory of Baby Portrait Photographers who specialize in children's photography and portraiture. NAPCP's mission is to provide parents and clients a comprehensive directory of Professional Newborn Baby Photographers who will fit their needs.

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