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What does "developing a photographer's eye" actually mean? I have seen many different definitions of this but, to me, it is the ability to spot photographic opportunities that would pass the non-photographer by. Even a casual or novice photographer would not notice these opportunities - but if they want to become a serious amateur, or professional, this is a skill they should learn to develop. One simple definition is "to enable you to create great images from everyday scenes". If you are taking a photography course online, developing this talent will result in amazing shots for your portfolio.

Once you have this ability, you will not look at everyday objects, or scenes, in the same way. You will have trained your subconscious mind to be on the look out for photographic opportunities where previously you did not even know they exist. And once you start to do this, it's almost akin to a religious experience!

I knew I had mastered this when I was on a photographic assignment in the City of London. I was walking across London Bridge, and on the south side I saw some steps leading down to the riverside. I must have walked past these particular steps hundreds of times before, but never on a photographic assignment. Now with my camera in hand, and my mind firmly fixed on taking shots, I saw something different.

The steps led down at an unusual angle, at juxtaposition with the actual handrail. The metal of the handrail shone as I had never noticed before. I kneeled down, and took shots with the handrail in close focus, while the steps and hurrying crowds in the distance were out of focus. Reflections of the steps and people made interesting patterns in the gleaming metal of the handrail, and added a further dimension to the images I was taking.

I then changed focus, bringing the scurrying cocktail of holidaymakers and commuters into focus, and rendering the handrail out of focus. This altered the dynamics of the picture yet again, with the mix of office workers dressed in smart suits and sightseers carrying baggage all moving up or down the stairs.

I heard a woman behind me say to her husband "what's that man doing?" To her, I was some madman kneeling down at the top of some stairs, with my camera seemingly pointed at a bland and totally uninteresting handrail. If only she could have seen what I could from my viewpoint.

When I stood up and looked above me, I could see I was below a glass ceiling (part of an office building). I then saw the photographic opportunities of the people reflected in this, and continued to snap away. To passers by, I was probably perceived as crazy, but to me I knew this was the moment I had developed the "eye". I was doing things differently to "normal" photographers, and knew I would have the photographs as a reward for my efforts.

Once I had mastered this, it quickly became an automatic nuance of my brain, whenever I had a camera in my hand. Even if I am out with family or friends, I will perceive these opportunities. They will sometimes wonder what I'm doing, but they are always astonished when they see the final images later. If you are partaking in a photography course online, see if you can develop a photographer's eye - for once you have done this you will start to feel like a genuine photographer, and your images will improve in leaps and bounds, as a result.


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