Photography , artwork and perfection

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Photography in many peopleís eyes is classed as artwork,, reason being is because the photographer is trying to perfect that one picture by taking lots of images were as when you have a painting it seems to be the same concept, i.e. trying to perfect the picture but very slowly,
Iím an artist myself, I like to paint in my spare time but for a job Iím a canvas artwork printer, also i print photos on canvas for my customers, canvas printing is also one of the perfectionist type jobs that can take time but the end result is well worth it.
When producing these types of artwork you need to make sure you have the right tools, with the photography it would be the right camera the right model or scenery and background,, as with a painting you need the object or scenery , paints and of coarse something to paint, maybe canvas would be a good choice. And then with the canvas printing you need the right printer ink jet canvas and tools to work with,
Art is something we all love in the world today, some of the old painting like da Vinci or van Gogh obviously have a huge impact on the world for their own important reasons and painting styles were as some world famous photographer like Yousuf Karsh for his picture of Winston Churchill, and you also have a high impact on us all as does the the famous Steve McCurry picture of a afghan without these images and art then the sense we call passion would have no meaning in many peopleís eyes.

Anyway stepping aside that i think thereís a lot of facts here to say that the tree methods above , canvas printing , artwork and photography have a lot in common. Even though the are performed in a different way they are all looking for the same result and that being perfection.
Photography is the only one i personal havenít tried yet,,, and i say yet because i as an individual likes to try out all types of arts and this type of art interests me allot, i think it would help with allot of understanding about camera lighting picture angles and allot of other photography type things i not too sure of but thatís all the fun about learning something new, itís exciting,
Not only that but being an artist painter and printer then I think it would also come in handy so I have some wonderful images to use. As you always come across some brilliant photos online and else were but you just canít us them for printing or painting with due to all these copyright laws everyone seems to have these days so by having your own art from taking your own pictures would be fabulous

Maybe you can tell me your experiences and journey that you have had with artwork and photography. I donít mind if its pictures i.e., photography or painting or even the printing sides of things, even if its something else that you believe has the same type of arty feel the please feel free to express your thoughts.

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