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Let aging photos not fade your favorite memories. It could be your favorite old photo that got damaged, aged or simply the acid content in the paper, a photo that got stuck to the frame, exposure to elements- fading, a playful kid (or grown up), physical damage when you moved homes or those darn silverfish which just feed on your family treasures. We can restore the image to its original glory or improve on it. The result is archival quality and memories that can be preserved for years to come. All we need is a good quality scan - 300 dpi is a good start.

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Restore photos, Remove stains, Remove tears, dirt, Restoring damages, scratches, water damage, fading, frame - album glue damage, Loss of pigments, Loss of chemical coats, Silver fish damage, Fire or smoke partial damage, intensive denoising, Photographic corrections, deconvulation, Restore with customer borders, make portraits, Restore to water color, oil painting or pastel shades, Bringing back moldy, torn, cracked or folded images, despeckling, Repairing color discoloration, Repairing minor shake, Repairing bad lighting and more.

Convert a B & W, sepia tone or a color tone print to a modern day color photo. We'll work closely with you to ensure that your near and dear ones and even that tree or car in the background got the right color. We stay loyal to the original image and get the details from you. We do not want your grand dad in a green shirt if that is the color he hates. Or your old maroon Ford now painted yellow. Of course, the choice is yours; why not surprise your near dear ones with new photo gift ideas this holiday season? Colorize photos, photo repair software, repair old photos and colorize, black and white photo colorization, photo etching and colorize, classic photo colorize - you name it and Fireia Imaging services will do it

Black & white to color, color to black & white, sepia tone conversions, Digital hand coloring, color adjustments, Color balancing, Color tones, Color tints, Color matching, Color sequencing, Selective tints, Splash of color, Artistic imagination, New color schemes, Modernization, Duo tones, Tritones, 4 colors, Contrast themes, Color ageing, Poster - colors, Portrait - colors, Resequence to formal colors, Resequence to casual colors, Resequence to fit a custom theme or an event, Glossy to matte finish or vice versa, Correction of color shifts and more.

When a part of the image is damaged beyond repair or, worse, just missing we can try and reconstruct that part back in the frame. Given a reference image or adequate additional information, we can help reconstruct some of the intricate portions of an image. Restore precious memories to pristine glory. Get set, this holiday season thrill your family with personalized photo gifts from restored and improved old family photos.

Reconstruction of pictures, reconstruction of photos, reconstruction of images - what ever be the source, Fireia imaging services will take care of your reconstruction and photo restored to its pristine glory. Rework damaged or lost part of an image, extreme restoration, torn up photo with some portions missing, fire damaged, reconstruction of facial damage using a reference image, rework portions of the image to replace existing.

Could not make it to your daughter's grad picture or, you just do not seem to have a good picture of your grad mom and her best friend from school? Get some creative tricks. How about that one classmate in that group picture you would like to black out? How about your own image with a retro twist? The tattoo, the braces, the stain, the eye that drooped - we'll work that in to perfection. Add more, a border of choice, a caption, a stunning background, or the image made into a greeting card. What can be a better surprise vacation, graduation, or holiday season gift than photo makeover with creative tricks?

Software technology enabled restoration and retouching, DIRT optimized retouching, retouch or retouche images, photos, art and more. Put Fireia Imaging services' Photograph and picture retouching services to good use and dazzle your friends and family. Resize, Crop or trim any part of the photo, Cropping for a target print, Brighten, Lighten, Darken, Contrast adjustments & balancing, Red Eye repair, Whiten teeth, Sharpen image, Adjust colors, Tonal - Color - Contrast curves, Brushing, Blurring, Sharpening, Smudging, Fetching, Healing, Dodging, Burning, Stamping, Sponging, De-blurring, Minor focus improvement, De-focusing, Noise reduction, Design with noise addition, Ageing, Blending, Distorting, Liquefying, Extracting, Level adjusting, Channel mixing, Shadow adjustments, Highlight adjustment, Fixing of clipped highlights, Add edit, or remove, caption or text, Add texture and more.

If you are an avid (or not so avid) photographer and would like for your images to be printed at top quality, try a round of digital image retouching and enjoy the difference. It can simple yet fine Tone Color Contrast adjustments to make an ordinary image look super. What more, variety of file formats for your photo printer to get the best results.

Photo makeover, using state of the art photoshop makeover, photo makeover with DIRT - be it extreme makeover of your photos and images or just a quick makeover, Fireia Imaging services' makeover specialists are on ready. Remove or smoothen wrinkles, Remove braces, scars, spots, tattoos, moles and other blemishes, Add and remove hair, Change hair color, eye color, clothing color, Beauty makeovers, Add a beauty spot (like a popular personality), Hollywood glamorization, Change hairstyles and hair do's, Edit photo facial expressions (bring a smile on), Change lighting and mood of the photograph, Change the background or scenery, Relocate an image (from indoors to outdoors for example) Change color or patterns for objects in the background, Remove patterns or textures from the image, Superimpose two images, Add or remove people from a frame, Add or remove objects from a page, Add or remove a cap, hair band, jewelry or accessory, Clothing and cosmetics makeover, Fit to an event or a theme and more.

User experiences:
This photo was taken by dad as an amateur photographer. I wanted to surprise him on his 57th and got colors done. The Fireia ‘advanced instructions' helped me square out each fine detail. He was truly impressed by the detailing. Great feature.
My grandparents were very upset that our dog tore up their wedding photo (accidentally). I got Fireia restoration, enhanced image quality, added an artistic border, and gave them a quality print.
Stephanie and I met at the annual scouts' day in Toronto. We always missed our picture together in the uniforms from this meet. I uploaded some of our pictures from school and got Fireia Makeover. She beamed I got her the best anniversary gift ever.
Our gang of friends won the tug of war in Oktoberfest in the late 70s. You know how all that goes, the photo was ‘shaky'. My daughter got me restoration large print, and it looked great.
It was summer 1944 and trousers for ladies were catching on. Our photo of my grandmother, on her first pair of trousers, got water damaged. I shopped around for someone who could restore and retain the charm.
Our new branch was doing well and the big man was stopping by for Halloween. It was fun and frolic and group photos happened. We got a few ‘makeover' done as the group in Pirates of the Caribbean theme. Everybody loved it.
We are starting a photo gallery in our town house. We raided all the cellars and got out the shoe boxes - what was disappointing with the considerable silver fish damage turned to joy when we saw the first restored samples came out. Thorough job.
My friends' wedding was organized in a rush - and I was the best photographer around. Sadly, the photos did not have the best of lighting and there were grains. Well, I got DIRT Masters to retouch the images and the prints came out as good as professional.
I had a rather bold tattoo done in college and it showed up in some of our wedding photos. My husband was cool, but I wanted our wedding photo to be proper I got DIRT Masters to clean that up. Good thing, the makeover left the skin tone intact.

About Fireia
Fireia is a hybrid, high energy, creative team of DIRT™ Masters, Photo Experts and Software Technologists. We've been working on a wide variety of image processing requirements for a few years now. We love photos, especially the very old ones. We truly understand and appreciate photos - images are slices of your memories. What with most of our fading memories!

Fireia combines engineering and image processing efficiencies with an interactive requirement gathering process to ensure 100% customer satisfaction in online photo restoration.

Our service delivery models are designed to gather fine level of detail on the nature of the original image and, presenting a faithful and authentic restoration of the original. We understand that your memories are very precious to you and ensure that our work is delivered with utmost care and appreciation of the image sensitivities.

A few seasons ago, we were given a set of badly damaged images and were asked to help create print quality images for an expensive coffee table book. And, we searched out imaging services and restoration. After days (turned out to be a few weeks) of searches, discussions and some rather disappointing results either sides of the Atlantic, (poor quality at exorbitant prices, insensitive approach and cookie cutter customer service) we thought: why not fix it ourselves. The images given were precious, but had loads of dirt - physically and digitally. It was time for DIRT Masters to roll up the sleeves. We were on a mission to ignite the quality of the coffee table book with our restoration services. Fireia brings the same quality and passion to your image processing requirements.

We take immense pride in our ability to combine graphics art with software technologies which helps us consistently deliver good quality at globally competitive pricing.

Our passion to provide 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed deliveries brings us back to our production desks and image processing lab every morning.

1 650 265 2090
346/243-2, TTK Road, Alwarpet, Chennai, 600018 TN, India

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