Photo Restoration - Worth Every Penny Spent

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Digital photo restoration is a digital image editing technique that removes visible damage and ageing effects from old photographs.

Why Do We Need To Restore Old Photographs?

The answer is obvious. Old photographs are a treasure that was captured in a split second of fond situations and people a long time ago. We like to look at them from time to time and we want them to look as good as new all the time.

Unfortunately, they do not. We cannot revisit those memorable moments that we cherish without restoring these precious photographs. These need to be preserved not only for our own nostalgia and for admiration but also for keeping an everlasting record so that future generations can marvel looking at them. Sadly, the precious photographs that we cherish do not last forever. The pictures degrade with time due to the following reasons.

Light and Chemical Degradation

Light is a source that creates photographs but the same source has the potential to bleach and fade the images with time. The extent of degradation depends on two factors. Firstly, on the way the images were created in the first place and secondly in the manner in which the pictures were processed. As a rule, color photographs tend to fade faster than the black and white ones.

Quality of Paper

The quality of paper on which prints were made has an effect on the life of photographs. Papers that are too acidic deteriorate fast.
The Environment

The surrounding air, heat and humidity, and the location where photographs are stored affect the photographs' life.

How Is Photo Restoration Done?

Mind you, this is not an easy job. You must understand there are many candidates for photo restoration. Your grandfather's wedding photo faded with a torn look, or a photograph of your grandparents in that vintage car, now looking torn apart are some examples that require restoration. Such restoration work needs to be done by professionals because restoring consists of the following.

* Assessing a photo
* Keeping the history accurate
* If required desaturating monochromes
* Restoring tonality and color
* Final touch-ups

Digital photo restoration services do a good job of photo repair. This is a process wherein the old photograph is first converted to a digital image. Once this is done, restoration is accomplished by removing flaws like dust, scratches, and blemishes. The final image is redeveloped or reprinted to give it a new look. It is even possible to digitally enhance and manipulate an image as per custom requirements. For example, you may want certain minor alterations like cloning out distracting elements, or maybe you want the black and white photo converted to color. Digital manipulation these days can do almost anything and offer myriad possibilities. All you need to do is tell the photo restoration expert what you want to be done.

How Long Does Restoration Work Take?

This depends on what the customer has ordered. If the image requires just a little bit of retouching, minor enhancement, and delivery to be done in a digital format then a couple of days should suffice. On the other hand, if the customer desires complex manipulation and the output in prints then the job may require up to two weeks.

Old photographs are amongst our most precious possessions, especially those when photography was in its nascent stage. Getting photo restoration of these treasured items is worth the effort and money.

Cory Holland based in Seattle, Washington is the sole proprietor of Holland Photography that offers three services mainly photo restoration, architectural photography and event photography.

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