Photo on Canvas Prints. 5 Types of Photos That Will Help Personalize Your Home

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1. Family photo on canvas prints.

Family photos have long been the preferred choice when printing onto canvas. Family photographs have always been displayed around the home but the ways in which you can do so have always been very limited. However, with new advancements in the technology surrounding digital photography, the ability to take most of your own photographs yourself home is now an option that is available to most. This has led to us having even more images in our collection and many more images that we would like to display around our home. With many photo gifts now around including stunning canvas prints, it is now possible to take those photographs and not only display them in a personalised and unique way, but also to share them by giving canvas prints as gifts.

2. Portraits.

Both family and personal portrait shots look great on canvas. As well as making perfect birthday or Christmas gifts for loved ones, portraits on canvas are a fantastic way to decorate the walls of your home. Whether portraits of you, your wife or husband or the whole family, portraits on canvas look stunning. Unlike paper and other materials, the fibre of the canvas gives a very crisp and vivid look and an altogether more three-dimensional feel, this helps to give the image more presence than standard flat framed images.

3. Special-interest pictures.

High quality, high resolution family photographs work especially well as canvas prints, but due to the modern day availability of digital photography, digital cameras are now on hand to take many other types of photo which you can use to make totally unique, personalised canvas prints for your own personal use or to be given as gifts. Whether it's a hobby that is close to your heart or a lifetime long interest, having the ability to print your own images onto canvas of things that interest you, instead of having to buy standard, over-the-counter designs is the biggest benefit of printing your own images onto canvas. Make the most of it!

4. Custom artwork.

Many artists and photographers (both amateur and professional alike) use canvas prints to showcase their own work. Many professional artists and wedding photographers offer canvas prints to customers because of the great results that are produced. If you are a sketch artist and you have artwork that you would like to display, it is possible to scan your work and have it transferred onto canvas. This means that a small a4 sketch can now be transformed into a huge 60" x 40" canvas print will ease.

5. Holiday pictures.

Whatever type of holiday you prefer, be it fun packed family holidays, quiet romantic trips for two, adventure holidays or backpacking holidays around the world, the fact that we can now take digital cameras with us with no film hassles or limitations means that we can now capture every glorious moment in high definition. Why not print your favourite holiday snap onto canvas to make the memory last a lifetime. (Or perhaps just a lift your spirits on a typical day of dark and miserable English weather!)

If you have an image in mind that you would like transferred to canvas, visit a photo to canvas specialist who will take your image, enlarge it, edit it if necessary and transfer it onto canvas.

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