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Nowadays, photos are mainly stored on the computer but there is always one or two photos that we just love to look at every day. However, with photo magnets you don't have to search for the perfect frame or magnetic frame, nor do you have to search for a place to put it or hang up on a wall. You can put photo magnet on any metal object or surface for example a fridge, dishwasher, file cabinet, presses that are metal, car, metal doors, metal boards, strips, doors, microwave ovens etc.. Photo magnets being a relatively new media for art, the creative uses for this material is just beginning. Here are few examples which comes in mind where you can use them: photo magnets are perfect for baby announcements, save-the-date reminders, gifts for family and friends, or even great promotional advertisements for any business.

I think photo magnets would be highly demanded by companies involved in services such as : repair plumbing, electrical repairs, installation of meters, courier services, veterinary services, food and beverage delivery, insurance, household appliances repairs, taxi, restaurants etc.. For companies like these the magnet is placed comfortably on the fridge constantly reminding the customer of the company, prompting the appeal to its services and stimulating the sales activity. For these types of services it is best to use a type of tool that you can give the customer once and they will remain a customer of yours for a long time. The perfect solution for this is the photo magnets. Sure, each apartment or house has a kitchen and in that kitchen there is a fridge. The fridge - isn't it a perfect advertising area? I think it really is!

If instead of using the usual leaflets with a bunch of useless information you were to use photo magnets I do not think that they would be thrown out. If this was found in the mailbox I am sure that everyone would put it on their fridge. When the urge to use that service offered on the photo magnet arises the customer will know where to go because they will always have that information.

With photo magnets you can finally let your imagination go wild. Not only can you print out your favourite photos but also pictures of your favourite cartoon characters, magnetic calendars, a bus timetable or even a map of the world, whatever you like! Photo magnet is convenient and practical, smart and permanent, it will not get lost and will always be in sight.

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