Phoneticom’s emergency message system is a pertinent solution to deal with the emergencies

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Perhaps it is the very nature of the mankind to get panic-stricken in the emergency situations. Whenever a catastrophe occurs, people get so much frightened and traumatized that sometimes they even tend to lose their common senses and it further worsens the entire scenario. Moreover, the various modes of communication also tend to crumple and it becomes literally impossible to get in touch with your loved persons.

Now, in this kind of chaotic situations, you need the assistance of some of the professional emergency message service providers such as, the Phoneticom’s emergency message system. It instantaneously transmits your message to the ten emergency contacts through phone, cell phone, email etc. And in order to get this privilege, you only need to give a call to their toll-free number and record your message.

Phoneticom’s emergency message further provides you with a wide range of critical alerts such as,

 Local weather alerts
 National terror alerts
 Food and drug alerts

 Product safety recalls

However, Phoneticom’s emergencymessagesystem never claims to deliver impeccable services all the time. Truly speaking, it is not always possible to deliver your message properly due to the fickleness and the extent of the emergency events. Again, sometimes the subscribers come up with the unfinished, missing and erroneous information and hence it becomes more difficult to convey the message immaculately.

Again, similar to all other emergency service providers, here also the subscribers need to follow certain instructions. For instance, you can only register up to ten emergency contacts and can access this service for up to five emergencies in every single month. However, you are authorized to upgrade your contact list at any point of time.

Phoneticom’s even ensures the subscribers regarding the security purposes. It never misuses the confidential information of the clients for any kind of business purposes and hence you do not need to worry at all regarding the security concerns. In addition, there is an efficient customer service unit, who are always there to assist you by the most effective means. It always remains active and as soon you give the call and record your message, it broadcasts the same adeptly to all those ten emergency contacts.

Initially, it tries to convey the message through phone calls, but sometimes the situation becomes so adverse that even the phone lines fail to connect. In this scenario, the emergency message system conveys your message through emails.

Phoneticom’s emergency message system is presently available at a monthly subscription fee of only $14.95. However, do keep in note that is not at all a substitute of the regional 911 emergency service and is an autonomous entity.

Hence, if you are also one of those, who have remained utterly helpless in these emergency situations before, it is the high time that you must opt for the assistance of some of the renowned emergency message service providers like, Phoneticom’s emergency message system. Here, you can remain assured of obtaining all those necessary helps, which are effective for the emergency situations.

With Phoneticom’s emergency message system, now you can effectively transmit your recorded messages to all of your near and dear ones in critical situations. Moreover, with emergency message, you can even upgrade yourself with a variety of critical alerts at cost-effective prices.

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