Phone Video Conferencing - Basic Preparation Guide For Beginners

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Phone video conferencing system is the only source that you can bank on, to stay connected with your business associates as well as relatives and friends located far away from you. People who have used it already can tell you how handy and useful it is for communicating with offshore clients or/and delegates. For beginners who are just planning to use it, I will recommend you to go through this article to get prepared for an error-free online video conference. There are some minor preparation required for sending your invitation to the people whom you want to be present in your conference.

Basic requirements:

To begin with for phone video conferencing, you will need a computer with a high speed Internet connection along with a webcam or a hard wired phone connection with a wired handset. The reason I mentioned wired handset, is just to be on the safer side. As you may know that wireless or cordless phones might create feed-back that can cause tremendous frequency problems. If it is a laptop video conference, then probably the webcam may come with it as an inbuilt feature. But in case of desktop video conference set you will have to purchase the webcam separately.

Webcam specifications:

Adjust your webcam in such a way so that you are able to see right at the center of the screen just leaving some head room, which can be approximately 10%. Don't forget the focus adjustment because if you start doing it while on the conference call, then it might distract the other attendees. There is another important thing that you should keep in mind during a web video conference and that is sudden movement in front of the webcam (which can result in blurry image. Therefore refrain from sudden movements. In general, every device comes with a software, which acts like a driver. So make sure you get the software while making your purchase.

Checking for compatibility issue:

Test every equipment to avoid compatibility issues to save yourself from unexpected embarrassments. Just imagine how you will feel if, after getting ready for a web based meeting, you discover that your phone video conferencing system is not working. To avoid such situation run a test with your friends or relatives. When you are checking the equipments, make sure you check the microphones, speaker, headphone etc in order to avoid feedback on call and subsequently get a synchronized output. Your speaker or microphone is very sensitive. Hence, it picks up the paper shuffling, chewing, eating, drinking and whisper sounds.

Formal look:

If it is only a audio conference then of course the backdrop or your dress-up will not matter. But when it is a video or phone video conferencing, then it is very necessary for you to establish your set up in a clean and silent area of the house or office. Be in your best formal dress up and also dress the surrounding. It is because everyone attending your conference will be able to see you and also a bit of your surrounding.

Now you seem to be ready with your phone video conferencing set up. So, now you know that conferencing over internet is that easy. So go ahead with it and free up your money and time, that you used to spend in traveling, to attend meeting and see your relatives.

Authors bio:

Lauri Jones has been associated with a phone video conferencing service company for nearly a decade. In this article she is trying to guide the first time users to coordinate a successful audio conference and web video conference.

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