Philips Ambilight 40PFL9705H/12 3D Ready LED Television Review

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A modern television wouldn't typically be considered high end without a Freeview HD tuner, but the Philips 40PFL9705H proves to be the exception to the rule. Even though Philips' latest addition to their TV lineup doesn't provide people with access to these free high definition channels, the use of 3D technology in combination with high quality Blu-ray image processing leads to visually enticing results.

While the TV is designed to produce 3D images, it does not contain a 3D transmitter within it. An external transmitter is used instead, which can be plugged into the rear of the television, then attached to the top of the TV with a piece of adhesive strip that comes in the box. The transmitter for the TV is fairly small at six inches across, which doesn't take up too much space unless you already have a Wii or other motion capture instrument set up with a gaming console. For those who would prefer not to attach the transmitter to the top of the television, the transmitter can also be put on the desktop, where it has greater stability.

Even though the desktop that comes with the TV can also function as a wall mount, the TV is better served off of the wall. While the TV is tiny compared to cathode ray tube displays, it now looks a little thick compared to other options on the market. The reason for this is what Philips calls LED Pro technology, which provides the lighting from directly behind the image, rather than from the side, producing a clearer image. Another feature that the Philips 40PFL9705H has that other don't is "Ambilight" which lights up the wall behind the TV. This adds to the excitement of the visual experience, and lowers the amount of eye strain suffered by the viewer. This technology uses strips of light on the back of the TV which change color to match the image on the screen.

The 3D offered by the TV is brighter and more colorful than that offered by plasma TVs. Some concerns still exist for the 3D technology offered by the TV. These issues are fairly universal for all 3D televisions on the market, rather than simply this model, but it is worth pointing out nonetheless. In cases where an object is supposed to look as though it is passing through the television and close to the viewers, the image instead seems to split in two. When the 3D effect is less emphasized, however, the result is very clear and detailed.

Even if 3D technology has not yet been perfected, the Philips 40PFL9705H seems to have conquered the 2D Blu-ray experience. The images are incredibly detailed and free of motion blur. The TV blows audio competition out of the water with an attached subwoofer. This offers a full surround sound experience without needing to set up several speakers throughout the room.

The TV also offers an excellent user interface. Device shortcuts can be added to the icon menu. Shortcuts already exist for TV, Net TV, USB, and PC.

Despite a lacking Freeview HD tuner and internal 3D transmitter, the Philips 40PFL9705H is definitely a buy. It offers the best 3D technology currently has to offer, and image processing that blows away the competition.

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