Pessimistic Indians Are Breaking News Today

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News has a distinct feature. It is commonplace yet unique. Our interest rubs off on our choices. One loves national affairs altogether while others may prefer state news India from any part of the country. Selection can also be made from crime, literature, lifestyle and travel to name a few. Breaking news today becomes stale just the next day. Thanks to fast transmission, media and newly found awareness. India and Indians become news to satiate world curiosity about them due to recent developments. Latest Indian news thus gets translated into latest world news just the next moment facilitated by technology. As things are positively shaping our love for pessimism is also something to discuss.

News rules the sentiments of people. We enjoy negative aura. May be not around us but surely around other people. We have crimes, murders, rapes, dirty political games, stinking fashion news like wardrobe malfunctioning and everything a sick mind can conjure in the news to entertain us. That is why they are selling. Breaking news today is the lack of sensitivity towards world as a whole. We dream to live in a cosmopolitan place but with boundaries of privacy. We are joined by technology but disintegrated by our own feelings. What kind of hypocrites we are?

Living news is not bad but not expecting good out of it is really harmful. It is a slap on our fighting spirit. The loss of hope for anything remotely good is bad for the health of society. We are allowing ourselves to be a feed of Pessimism. Latest India news would look much better if it is about a country well fed and well nursed. It would be same with spreading dread in atmosphere. The way state news India is already working. We are to choose what we must be served with. Else we would be left with nothing to choose from.

News with an element of sensation becomes breaking news today. Sensation sells. Everything is made sensational even if it is not. We are really have become hypocrites if we were not already. We say something for others but do not wish to comply with the same. We claim the necessity of peace but canít live without witnessing unrest. Latest India News, State news India or any such thing is same design cut out of different cloth. We should better see what we are doing before degrading in our own eyes.

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