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PES 11 will be out this novemeber, and if you are a pro evo fanatic like me, then i'm sure you cannot wait. I have already researched this game, and I know that the graphics are unbelievable this year again. I can only hope that this year pro evo can keep up with the fifa ps3 game, unlike this years game.Eynstration

The game play however, in Pro Evo has not been up to score in the previous two or three years. To me, Pro Evo was continuously the greatest football game on the market. However, FIFA has really upped its game since FIFA 08, and FIFA 10 was fantastic. FIFA 11 will no doubt be one more wonderful game and one of Xbox top games, so PES 11 really has to achieve to be as good quality as FIFA.

One of the reasons why Pro Evo isn't as immense as it could and perhaps should be, is that it never has all of the teams in the game fully certified. I hate buying the game and I'm still playing with Merseyside red as an alternative of Liverpool, and Manchester red instead of man united. However, if they tackle this setback this time, it will only be one more reason why i probably will purchase the game.

Again this year Messi and Torres are on the front cover. This really sells the game. Two of the three finest players in the world is pretty respectable, so that's an added reason why it will be magnificent.

My advice to everyone who is in view of buying PES 11 is, acquire it simply if you are a devoted Pro Evolution fan. If you don't get all of the Pro Evo games, just get FIFA 11 for the reason that its guaranteed to be a fantastic game, and it is more fun for neutral fans.

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