Personalized Photo Gifts and Pop Art

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Everyone loves personalized photo gifts. I most certainly do and I decided to experiment with them last Christmas. I sent out 9 custom pop art paintings to my closest friends and relatives and the results were overwhelming. I received several overjoyed reactions from them. Most were thrilled at receiving the custom pop art and I feel that it is one of the best personalized photo gifts of all times.

And almost 8 of them called me personally to thank me and also enquire about personalized pop art. This one goes out to them.

What is personalized pop art?

Pop art is an expressionist type of painting which gained prominence during the 60's. It is characterized by the usage of bright colors, benday dots or consumer goods. Personalized pop art is when you personalize any photograph into a custom pop art portrait.

How do I choose a style?

A pop art gallery will have several different styles of pop art paintings including Andy Warhol style, Roy Lichtenstein style, 3d style, retro style and more. You can browse through the gallery and select your favorite personalized pop art style.

How does it work?

All that you have to do is select a style for your custom portrait, select a photograph and send it to the pop art gallery who will then create a personalized pop art painting for you. You can make innumerable modifications to it until you are satisfied with the results.

What are the charges?

Custom pop art paintings are reasonably priced. You must understand that these are not ordinary computer generated images. These are painted by real talented artists who command a fair price for their skills.

How do I convert them into personalized photo gifts?

Most pop art galleries offer this service at a slightly extra cost for the merchandise you choose.

I hope that answers most queries and doubts that anybody may have about personalizing pop art.

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