Personalized Baby Gifts for Your Growing Child

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Kids love gifts with their name printed on them. From personalized pencils to t-shirts printed with their names, kids can't get enough of personalized toys and gifts. So if you are looking for a birthday gift or a gift for a special achievement for a child under the age of twelve, you can't go wrong with anything that's personalized with his or her name. Personalized baby gifts are relatively easy to find, but when it comes to older children, you may have to stretch your brain a little to come up with a personalized gift that's perfect for the occasion. Here are some suggestions to help you become the very best mommy, daddy or relative in the whole world.

Baby's 1st Christmas Gifts

A baby's first Christmas is a very special occasion, and should be acknowledged that way. In most cases, a child will not remember much about his or her first Christmas. However, this does not mean that the gift you give is "for the parents". This is the year to look forward, far forward into the future, and buy a keepsake gift that the child will treasure for years to come. A suggestion for an ideal first Christmas gift is a personalized tree ornament that is sure to become a treasured heirloom in later years. Look ahead to the year that the child, now grown up, hangs the painted ornament with his or her name and date of birth on their own family's Christmas.

For the Creeper and Crawler Set

What could be cuter than a little diapered bottom crawling away with the baby's name printed across the flap of a pair of personalized long johns? Babies go through rompers and Onesies at a rate that's alarming to any mother, so they can always use an extra set of rompers for everyday wear. You can make these extra special by personalizing them with the baby's name and a cute graphic.

Soft and Cuddly Personalized Toys

Go beyond the stereotypical teddy bear when you are looking for a soft and cuddly toy for a young child. Pick a plush toy that can stand up to heavy-duty play like a Cottontail Bunny Cottage stuffed with cloth-sided furniture and embroidered with your favorite little girl's name. Boys will love this gift as well, but if you are leery about giving pink to a little boy, opt for a Noah's Ark stuffed toy set complete with plush animals and an ark-shaped carrying case personalized with the child's name.

Personalized Preschool Toys

For the pre-school set, you might want to move up a bit to more engaging interactive toys such as a Preschool Laptop that features numerous activities for the toddler on the go. Kids of this age love toys that light up and make noises on cue, so keep your eye out for toys that offer interactivity, but don't forget classic favorites like wooden name puzzles. Name Puzzle Boards and Puzzle stools help youngsters learn to recognize and spell their names while providing a step up tool for reaching things like the bathroom sink.

Preschoolers are especially appreciative of items with their names on them. At this age, they are starting to go out and about in the world. Make it a little easier on them with gifts that are designed to go with them like a roll-up Nap and Go, which is a personalized nap-blanket that can be rolled up and tucked into a cubby at school or carted along to Grandma's so that naptime is still comfortable.

Spruce up the bedroom with personalized furniture

As babies outgrow the nursery and become children, you can help make their bedrooms cozy retreats that reflect who they are. Kids need more than just a bed and a dresser if they are really going to live in their rooms. Encourage good habits with a personalized book rack painted with dragonflies or trains, or maybe even a hand-painted canvas organizer to make it more fun for your little bookworm to put away toys and books.

Some other kid-friendly furniture that your child might appreciate are a kid size table and chair set and a matching wooden rocking chair with his or her name hand-painted across the back. Keep in mind that preschool and primary school kids have each have their favorite cartoon characters from Disney, Sesame Street and Nick Kids. A Dora the Explorer pillowcase or a SpongeBob Squarepants laundry bag is almost guaranteed to be a big hit.

Personalized gifts for teens

By the time kids reach their teens, many of their own tastes and preferences are set. Try to keep favorite colors and themes in mind when you choose gifts, as well as to cater to their interests with the gifts that you pick. If you are not sure, there are many "neutral" personalized gifts that will make even the most cynical teen-ager smile. What teen wouldn't like a personalized Aluminum Sports Water Bottle in a favorite color or a Street Sign painted with his or her name? Personalized t-shirts, sweatshirts and gear like Rolling Duffle Bags are also surefire pleasers for the teens on your gift list.

Lucinda Jones is a freelance writer who writes about family, parenting and pregnancy, often describing great gift ideas such as personalized baby gifts.

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