Permission To Go Green

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When you hear the term "go green," thoughts of buying a hybrid, reducing your carbon footprint, or even separating your household garbage probably come to mind. Chances are the last thing that comes to mind is having a yard sale or visiting a Reuse Marketplace. It's similar to a Sprite soft drink. Sprite has never had caffeine in it, but in its early years no one knew that. When cutting back on caffeine became the in thing to do, Sprite launched an ad campaign pointing that fact out. The reuse marketplace, made up of yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores, has been green for 100's of years. It has saved infinite tons of usable merchandise from filling landfills. In short, the greenies have a lot of catching up to do. The reuse marketplace used to be the scattering of flea markets and thrift stores stuck back on side streets where the lower income people shopped. Now thrift stores are springing up on the high traffic roads and the flea markets are thriving with customers from all walks of life. With a website like iamaVendor.Com, thrift stores and flea markets are coming together under one reuse marketplace. This marketplace makes it easy for buyers to find what they need. It makes it possible for buyers to find thrift stores close to home and preview used merchandise. Buyers are saving gas, reducing their carbon footprint, by locating that vintage dresser before they ever leave their home. Now buying that finely crafted piece of 50's furniture is the in thing to do. As an added bonus, the money buyers spend in the local reuse marketplaces leaves another piece of poorly made in China merchandise on the boat, while adding revenue to the local economy and supporting the small businessman. The next time you're asked how you can buy shirts from a yard sale, just look at them, roll your eyes, and ask them what they have against saving our planet and suggest they commit to going green and recycling, too.

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