Permanent Laser Hair Removal Choices For Men And Women

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Year after year, male laser hair removal has become more accepted and popular. Now that summer is upon us and more men are heading to the pools and beaches they are wanting to look slick and clean. Men of all sizes, ages, sexual preference, ethnicity, and back grounds are shedding their excess body hair.

Just a few short years ago hair removal for men was limited to male strippers, swimmers, cyclists, and muscle builders. Still then they were limited to shaving and waxing, but not any more. Any more it's not unusual for a man and a woman to go in together for laser hair removal. With it is coined a new phrase. (Clench your teeth and repeat after me) "Bro-zillian".

Shaving - Aside from the fact that you have to do it once or twice a day, it presents the obvious problem of reach. Though they make razors to accommodate, it's still pretty difficult shave your own back, and it can be even more embarrassing to find somebody to do it for you.

Waxing is an alternative. It calls for smearing burning wax onto the area you would like to do away with hair, and then putting on a strip of cloth or muslin onto the desired area, fussing the two together by rubbing, and ripping it off the strip in one quick yank -- wax, hair, root, and all. Waxing is effective enough but then again, it only lasts up to a month, yet is a never ending chore.

Tweezing. (personal opinion - People that have enough time on there hands to tweeze, might be better served by getting a job, second job to afford waxing or laser treatments.) Tweezing should be saved for excess hair on the smaller regions (or for ingrown hairs). Places like the eyebrows, knuckles and toes would be ideal. And once again, of course, this method is far from permanent.

So far we have looked at the antiquated ways of hair removal, let's look at more permanent forms of hair removal. There is electrolysis and laser hair removal, and even with the laser there are different ways of doing that also. The latest being IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).

As soon as just 6 years ago electrolysis was the only choice for people with dark skin or light hair, and is still recommended for small areas around the face for woman when it comes to removing hair for good. The many drawbacks of electrolysis though is the main reason that it was not even an option for men.

Electrolysis engages the use of a needle to get into individual pores and burns the root of the hair follicle, still making it safer for regions around the eyebrows. On the other hand lasers attack the melanin (or the pigment) as well as the hair. This is why it only works well on dark haired, light skinned patients. Unfortunately the iris of the eye contains melanin, therefore can be damaged by the laser.

With electrolysis, each hair follicle has to be treated on an individual basis for about one minute. So if you consider 30 hairs in half an hour, around the ears and eyebrows may be realistic. After all, 30 hairs do not cover a lot of ground - in turn, not making it very practical if you are wanting your chest or back hair done. For best results, electrolysis takes 15 - 30 treatments.

In comparison, laser hair removal could take about half the time per visit and only require 8-10 treatments. Bear in mind that every one has different factors to take into consideration that are passed on down in your DNA (hair density, heaviness, growth rate, etc…) so results will vary from person to person.

The cost is rather different between the two as well. Laser hair removal can average $200 - $800 per treatment depending on the area being worked on. With the cost involved, there are many different payment plans, coupons, contracts but you can usually expect a couple of introductory ‘lower priced' visits. They may also try and sell you a discounted bulk package. If you have the money up front you can pay, and as long as they guarantee their work you could save thousands with this option. Doing a back ground check here would be advised though , because that there is more then one case where the clinic / company has closed there doors and all the clients got in return was an apology letter in the mail.

Electrolysis though is about $60 per visit because it treats such a small area.

Each individual has a different level of pain threshold, if you've ever had a tattoo, then you can compare that to electrolysis. When a laser is used, there is a larger area done that feels more like a rubber band snapping followed by moderate heat. The ‘tension of the rubber band' will vary depending on your hair type.

If done incorrectly, both methods can discolor the skin. Some can be fixed, some can't . So it is critical that you select a certified and licensed technician. Just be sure that you wear protective goggles and keep your eyes closed for the entire treatment to avoid any contact when using the laser.

In recent years, the FDA has approved several home versions for both laser and electrolysis but hardly recommended. After all you will either be inserting a needle into individual hair follicles, or run the risk of having the laser damage the eyes.

To summarize:
If you are fare skinned and dark haired, then you can choose between either option. Sense the laser hair removal targets pigment, dark skinned people are not good candidates. Laser is the generally the more expensive and requires less time and treatments. Laser is about the only choice if you are going for large areas. Waxing is an option but it's a little more painful and has to be done monthly. - - - electrolysis wins when it comes to small areas on the face and light haired, dark skinned clients. .

Although.. Laser technology is making advances by combining radio frequencies and laser to address this group though. One such advancement is the Intense Pulsed Light. This form of laser is used in a variety of ways including repairing scars as well as removing freckles and tattoos. This form of male laser hair removal is making it possible for darker skinned population to enjoy the same clean, smooth body as much as the light skinned.

There are other things to consider when entertaining the idea of having laser hair removal done. Like the cost, the Advantages Of Male Laser Hair Removal and Typical Laser Hair Removal Treatment Is Like. Or a whole other batch of articles at Male Laser Hair Removal

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