Permanent Hair Removal- The Best of Two Options

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There are several ways a person can remove hair from the body, but there are only two permanent ways that are sufficient today. You can either try electrolysis or embark on a laser treatment procedure. The difficult part is choosing which one is the best for you. Don't worry, we're going to help you out with that today.

How do they Work?
If you take advantage of electrolysis, everything is done through a needle penetrating the skin and into your hair follicles. When this occurs there is an electric current shoots through the needle, which create a very uncomfortable feeling. On the other side, those who used laser treatments only had a laser beam enter the skin, and the uncomfortable issues were not there.

The Cost
Prices are going to vary depending on the clinic and the characteristics that pertain to your particular issue.

-Session duration
- Number of sessions
-Pricing of each session
-Area to be treated

Now, an important area to cover is that the duration process is different between laser hair removal and electrolysis. We'll get into that shortly, but for now it's important to know for the information ahead. We will tell you though that if you're looking for a hair removal procedure that is laser based, the completion time is usually around 3-4 treatments.

Okay, when you're dealing with electrolysis, you have to think about how effective it has been over the years. It's important to remember that this has been around for 120 years, yet there is still not guarantee you will enjoy permanent hair removal. Laser clinics offer a 30%-40% hair reduction after the treatment is complete. The best part here is you are able to take care of bigger areas like the back, chest and legs.

Procedures and Pain
Pain is never a good thing when it comes to procedures, but some individuals feel it's the way it's supposed to be. So if you want to indulge in some electrolysis, we can guarantee you some discomfort and definitely a little pain. It could be worse but we're trying to be nice here. Just think about all the nerves in your skin being agitated by an electric current. We would say this doesn't sound like fun, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Are they Risk Free?
Is anything really risk free? Even though you probably guessed that the laser hair removal option is your best choice, you could still see redness, scarring and possible darkening of the skin after a treatment. It's not a permanent issue, but simply a side effect as they eventually fade away. Electrolysis has the possibility of causing infections, as well as other issues. If the procedure isn't done properly it could be even worse.

How Many Sessions are Needed?
The biggest problem with electrolysis is you have to have a certain number of "successful" treatments. Sometimes things don't go as planned and you basically waste your time. Plus, this isn't something you do a few times and you're done, it's a long drawn out process. If you take the permanent hair removal conquest with a laser, it should be finished after three or four treatments. Get the picture?

We will tell you that there is no 100% effective ways to build a permanent hair removal regimen from an area of your body. Then again, if you use a laser it is considered the closest procedure to nirvana. In the end you can see that laser hair removal has many more benefits than electrolysis.

Ingrid Preube
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