Permanent Hair Removal Products-Removing Unwanted Hair

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So you noticed that you have a few chest hairs sticking out from your turtle neck or your bikini line needs waxing and you have decided to bear some permanent body hair removal. There's actually just two choices if you want to get rid of your body hair for good. You may either do electrolysis or you can do laser hair removal. Either way it's going to cost some money and some discomfort.

Laser hair removal will often run the range between $200-$800 per treatment based primarily on many things. These will include the area that you would like treated and the denseness and coarseness of the area. If you are awfully hairy then you should be expecting to bear several treatments. Although there is not any recovery time if the process is done correctly you may experience a bit of pain while undergoing the procedure. Even though it's not deeply unpleasant.
complications can include, darkening or lightening of the skin, swelling, redness, and possible infection. Also bare in mind that this process doesn't work for all skin varieties and is better for folks who have fair skin with dark hair.

Electrolysis is your other option, and while it is considerably less expensive it's also a lot more agonizing, long and boring. Essentially what you do is electrifying each individual follicle to damage the root and prevent new hairs from growing. If you are extremely hair you will see why this may be a time intensive process.

Thermicon Technology
There is another new strategy, and while it's not permanent body hair removing it is quite long lasting and can considerably reduce the amount of hair that you grow. Also if you consider that this process can be done at home, and is much less expensive than either electrolysis or lasers you will see why you may want to think about something by the name of thermicons. This process warms up the follicle and retards the growth of new hair. It then uses a razor to cut the hairs. This technique decreases new hair growth by as much as 65%, suggesting you can go months without shaving. It also eradicates nicks and cuts, it agony free and can be employed on all skin variations.

This strategy reduces new hair growth by as much as 65%, meaning that you can go months without shaving. It also eliminates nicks and cuts, it pain free and may be employed on all skin types.

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