Perfume Making Secrets: 6 Top Tips

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You've probably heard about many people making their own perfume and wondered if it's something that you too, can do in your spare time. You'll be happy to know that not only is it something you can do in the comfort of your home but it's something you'll find is as fun as it is easy.

I'm not going to tell you what fragrance you should get for your perfume or even provide you with a recipe, as you'll find many other recipes for a variety of perfumes. What I am going to give you here are some very helpful hints and tips regarding making perfume and, possibly, things you've never been told. While making perfume is relatively easy, keeping these tips in mind may make things smoother and more economical.

1. Essential oils can become costly, especially if you're planning to make a combination of many scents. However, if you know you'll be doing this more than once, you can often save money by buying a "package deal" of several oils. Keep in mind; however, that even a small container of essential oils goes a long way.

2. If you're not sure which scents you're going to want to use, take advantage of the samples that are offered in many health stores. Often by taking a sniff or two, you'll have a better idea of which ones you want to buy.

3. When making solid perfume, an empty and cleaned Chapstick tube makes a great container for storage. It's also easy to apply with this tube.

4. Subtle scents of solid perfume smell great on your business cards when used in moderation.

5. If you're making perfume at home, don't limit yourself to just making women's perfume. Scents that have a citrus-y or woodsy aroma are perfect for use in making men's cologne. They're not too powerful yet their scent lasts for hours. In fact, citrus oils will usually keep their scents for up to six months.

6. Consider making perfumes with scents that are more than just for "decoration" or smell. Cedar wood makes a great-smelling perfume that is effective for repelling insects; while ginger or orange are perfect for providing your body with a warming sensation, particularly when used in solid perfumes. Check out aromatherapy sites or stores and

learn about the many psychological effects of different scents such as chamomile or lavender for relaxation.


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