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The Performance appraisal forms supplies the foundation for the performance review. This application provides the feedback to an employee which also includes the final rating of the employee. It also gives advantage to various Human Resources conclusions and career development
It also facilitates various other HR decisions and career development plan and decision of the employees. Therefore, the said forms should be filled up with utmost objectivity, care and looking to the future aspects of an individual. The contents in the said format should be entered by the manager or supervisor of the concerned employee in order to make sure that the said evaluator is fully known with the performance, targets, responsibilities and working standard of the concerned employee. All the guidelines and instructions on the said format will have to be gone through carefully and followed with utmost sincerity.
While preparation of the report the concerned Manager or supervisor should be prepared with all details of the stands, performance, job description and past evaluation of the employee. He should give unambiguous and clear details of the performance of employee in stipulations of average, above average, good and excellent performance. The focus should be done on the behavior of the concerned employee throughout year and not just the recent performance. Enumerate the ratings wherever necessary which ensure easy comparability. Support and substantiate ratings and enclose all necessary documents (if necessary). Define the objective results and performance; discuss the connected issues covering all the aspects of performance. While filling the appraisal form, be objective and honest.

Every individual lean to highlight a lot on the appraisal form, try to bring all that they have achieved in the earlier years. However, an individual should understand that the said format is just part of appraisal process. There is much more to do it. An individual should try on discussing work problem and work resulting in removing of barriers in the way of job success. This can be done by a good go through of the issues.

Hence forms are very helpful to us, as to go to each step in professional life, forms have become mandatory.

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