Pennydials changes call broadcasting system service billing increments to 6 seconds

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The phone broadcast industry is little with barely a handful of corporations charging different billing rates. Some billing more and others less, some offer extra options than other companies. One thing is for certain, most businesses charge higher billing rates. If you do not know a great deal about voice broadcasting services its also know as auto dialing. For instance, if you want to send a automated message to a 1,000 or more consumers you just upload your message to a web site, set the time and date you want to formulate the calls, and after that simply begin dialing. The system then begins dialing at a tempo of five hundred calls per minute. If nobody answers the phone you have the option to drop a automated voicemail. All that is done without human intervention with a single push of a button. Its that easy. As I described, most companies charge a good deal for that. I've seen it as high as fifteen cents per broadcast message. Most are between 5-10 cents per call. But what takes place if somebody answers the phone call then hangs up and the call only lasts five seconds. Well that is where the increments come into play. This is almost certainly the most imperative part of the increment billing rate and is what the majority people never know about and or forget to ask before they proceed with a company. Most businesses charge in sixty second billing increments which means if every call lasts 5 or less seconds you are billed for the whole minute. Pennydials has brought down their rate per minute to a 6 second billing which means you get a lot more calls for the fee or rate of one min. In fact, you could get ten calls that only last 5 seconds for the fee or rate of one min. Most companies like Sigmavoice for example could charge you ten minutes instead of 1 min. G-Tel Solutions is by far one of the lowest cost auto call dialing companies with incredible customer service. For any form of voice broadcasting campaign you need, Pennydials can get it finished.

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