Peel Away Insecurity with a Chemical Peel

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Tired of seeing acne, scars or wrinkles when you look in the mirror? A chemical peel rejuvenates your face, neck and hands, recreating that natural, youthful glow and lessening dermatologic blemishes.

What Is a Chemical Peel?

Also called derma-peeling or chemexfoliation, a chemical peel uses a chemical solution to literally peel off the surface layer of the skin. The outer layer of the skin harbors dead skin cells, scars, acne and fine lines, so eliminating that entire level allows smoother, tighter skin to emerge. The B-LIFTx® peel, for example, utilizes beta hydroxyacid to dig out all the miniscule skin imperfections.

Some chemical peels risk side effects such as redness, inflammation or skin discoloration. The B-LIFTx® peel, however, has built-in dermatologic technology which forces the process to halt as soon as the the chemicals have revitalized the skin fully.

Why Get a Chemical Peel?

People choose to get chemical peels for a variety of reasons. First, peels beautify the skin, providing a more thorough exfoliation than any self-cleansing you can administer at home. This enhancement increases people’s self-confidence, and who doesn’t need an ego boost every now and then? Additionally, chemical peels may remove pre-cancerous skin growths, helping to keep patients healthy.

For people with acne issues, chemical peels can help control acne. They treat certain types of acne, keeping the active pimples and blackheads under control by peeling them off. They also treat mild acne scars left after the acne itself heals, providing a comprehensive cosmetic dermatology service for victims of acne.

Chemical peels like B-LIFTx® also help in cases of slight wrinkles. For example, the fine lines which naturally develop near the eyes and mouth can be reduced by a chemical peel treatment. Many external factors can cause wrinkles – sun damage, genetics, age and general self-care. When these result in superficial wrinkles and fine lines, a chemical peel contours and tightens the skin to deliver a smooth, youthful glow.

If you’re attempting to treat deep wrinkles, extreme bulges or sagging skin, a chemical peel is not the most effective option. Chemical peels only treat surface skin conditions. However, your Austin cosmetic dermatologist can address things like extreme wrinkles with alternative skin treatments.

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