PCOS and Infertility You Can Change The Effects Of PCOS

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It is an unfortunate truth that PCOS and infertility are often part and parcel of the same problem. PCOS is one of the major and most common causes of infertility in the world today. One side effect of PCOS can be that you will have far heavier than normal bleeding, but that you will also have far less periods than normal, meaning that you will have far less chance of having a child as well.

The reason for PCOS and infertility going so closely together is that the PCOS is typically a side effect of insulin resistance and that the ovaries are not producing the hormones that they need. The menstrual cycles are not normal meaning that cycles of fertility are also out of the norm, making pregnancy far more difficult to achieve.

You Can Change The Effects Of PCOS

The good news is that sometimes you can change the effects that PCOS and infertility have on your body and your future. Most PCOS people don't have regular periods but there is hope to restore them. The insulin resistance that is at the root of your problems with your fertility and menstrual cycle imperfections can often be changed simply by losing weight and eating a different diet that is geared toward helping you with your PCOS.

According to doctors, for those women who are moderately obese, the loss of just five percent of the weight they carried before they began treatment restored regular menstrual cycles in about 85 percent of the women and more than 25 percent got pregnant with no further treatment at all.

Diet And Exercise Play A Vital Role To Better Health

This really underscores the importance of diet and exercise in PCOS and infertility. Weight management and good dietary habits and exercise are one of the most important aspects of managing your PCOS. The base cause of PCOS is of course the resistance to insulin. The fact is that PCOS can often be managed very effectively without surgical intervention or even other types of treatment if you're willing to work with diet, exercise and other things that may benefit you.

Lowering the use of sugar, losing a moderate amount of weight, and adding more proteins and more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet will help immensely. Doing away with things like corn sugar or high fructose corn syrup products, as well as cutting out a lot of processed foods from your diet has the means to help you a lot.

You Can Learn Natural Treatment Methods To Cure PCOS

About ten percent of the world has PCOS. Some will not find a method of treatment and will suffer other problems such as high cholesterol, infertility, hypertension, and even develop thyroid problems. Many will develop adult onset diabetes from their insulin resistance.

Learning to manage your PCOS, diet, exercise and lifestyle changes can help to make you healthier, but it will also help to change the future for you. PCOS and infertility do go along with each other, but PCOS does not mean that you can't or won't get pregnant. It just means that you will have to work a little harder to make that wonderful part of your life happen.

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