PBKS 4U Provide Services in Corporate Tax Planning

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We have provided services in corporate tax planning its help you to create goodwill in the market and investor get information about the company and take interest to invest. A corporate tax is that tax which payable by companies at is prescribed flat rates on their total income, however small the total income may be. However, there are different rates for different types of companies and different types of incomes. The Union government has exclusive power to make laws relating to the corporate tax.
The income tax is paid by a company on its income is known as corporate tax. The tax paid by a company on its income treated as the tax paid on behalf of its shareholders. The shareholders are liable to pay tax on the dividends received or due from a company in their individual capacity until and unless it is exempt under any provision of the Act.
We provide the strategies for the tax planning that are significant in minimizing taxes. Tax planning as an arrangement of one's financial affairs in such a way that without violating in any way the legal provisions of an Act, full advantage is taken of all exemption, deduduction, rebates and relifs, permitted under the Act, so the burden of the taxation on an assessee, as far as , is the least. Some valuable ways to savewriting off company assets, claiming depreciation expense, taking deductions on business automobiles, office expenses, self employment health insurance, and employer sponsored child care resources, and using a home office for the company.Business tax planning involves understanding what it means to be self-employed. We give the information to company owner needs to be aware of anything that might impact taxes paid. Self-employment tax, company expenses and deductions, business assets, charitable contributions, shifting income, are important considerations that all about forperfect tax planning. We give the knowledge about the tax management. Tax planning is not possible without proper tax management. Tax management covers matters relating to:--

• Compliance with legal formalities.
• Taking steps to avail various tax incentives.
• Saving from consequence of non-compliance of statutory duties, i.e. savings from penal interest, penalties and prosecutions.
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