Paying for Plastic Surgery - What Information Should I Know?

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Reconstructive surgery involves the repair or restoration of the body that has been affected by accident, botched surgery, or congenital defect. Limb reattachment, breast reconstruction after mastectomy, and cleft palate surgery are examples of reconstructive surgery.

Cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, is done for personal preferences or to augment and enhance beauty. Removal of birthmarks, nose reshaping, and breast lift surgery are examples of cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is considered an elective procedure while reconstructive surgery is done for medical reasons.

Some surgeries fall into a gray area. Eyelid lifts may be covered by an insurance policy if the condition affects vision. Nose reshaping may correct breathing difficulties. A goal of reconstructive surgery is to "return to normal" so surgery to correct asymmetrical breasts may be covered.

Coverage by Insurance
Your surgeon will help you determine whether a procedure is covered by your insurance plan. The surgeon constructs a pre-authorization letter, outlining procedures, costs, and medical benefits of surgery. Your insurance company may require predetermination: a review of your case and the benefits.

Financing Plans
Many surgeons have their own payment installment plans and charge little or no interest. Surgeons may also accept credit card payments.

There are medical financing companies that exist which cover all types of plastic surgery procedures. Your payments will be based on payment amounts, the time it takes to pay back the loan and your credit rating.

Clinical Trials
Clinical trials are research studies. Clinical trials involving cosmetic surgery are most often those investigating new forms of treatment such as different types of breast implants or other ways to "melt" fat.

Those involved in clinical trials receive excellent medical care that is often free. Trials involve risks and may or may not be effective. There are protective measures in place, designated by the FDA and other review boards.

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