Pay as you drive program for a cheaper policy

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Way too many drivers still have irrational fear towards the pay as you drive programs that are offered by a lot of auto insurance companies. Despite the fact that these programs are on the market for over 10 years now, still the drivers lack proper information about the positive and negative aspects of this. That said we're here to show you how you can use the Progressive auto's Pay as you drive program to get a huge discount on your current auto insurance policy.

What does Snapshot really track?

As you might know, Snapshot, the device created by Progressive auto insurance that you need to have installed to your car for tracking your driving habits only records 3 aspects of your driving habits

1.Total mileage you are covering during the 30 days you need to have the device installed to get a new offer for your policy

2.How many times you were forced (or had to) brake hard during the car ride

3.How many times you were in front of the wheel between midnight and 4AM

These are all of the factors that are being taken into consideration. The device does not track your speed, if you are over speeding or where you drive to as it does not have a GPS device build in.

Knowing all this you can work on lowering the price of your auto insurance policy as currently over 70% of the drivers that installed Progressive auto's Snapshot device, got a discount on their policy price. In fact, most of these people qualified for a discount of 30% with the help of this Pay as you drive program.

You should also know that if you do not manage to qualify for the discount on your policy, you will not be forced to pay for a more expensive one as you will just be offered your current policy price. So there is really nothing to lose, only to gain.

Drivers fear they will have to pay more - this is where Progressive auto insurance is really making this an offer you can't refuse as, even if you do not qualify for a discount after having Snapshot installed to your car and 73% of the drivers do, you will not be forced to pay more and you can use your old auto insurance policy (and price) as long as you wish to

Drivers are simply not sure what these devices are tracking - finally this is the most common issue most drivers have with these programs as they are not sure what kind of personal data is being collected, whit Progressive auto's Snapshot there are only 3 things being monitored at all times - how frequently you drive between midnight and 4 am, how often you hit the brake hard and finally how many miles you drive total.

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