Paul Mitchell School is a gate to the world of cosmetology

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Cosmetology is one of the most developed spheres in our life. If are longing to have a prosperous career with good prospects, cosmetology would be a great choice. But there’s only one condition – you have to be a great professional in what you do. Creativity and a great desire to work are great, but are not enough – you should have excellent skills. And now the question is where to get them? What cosmetology schools offer high level education?
Paul Mitchell School is one of the most well-known and popular cosmetology schools in the USA. There are a lot of both positive and negative reviews about this institution in the web, so it’s pretty hard to decide whether it is worth dealing with. But if you finally decided to get your education at Paul Mitchell School, this article will be useful for you. I’m going to share some tips about the whole process of entering the school.
Every future student has to take a placement test. The aim of the test is to examine student’s habits and features of character. At Paul Mitchell School teachers use multiple intelligence theory to find out what students they will teach. Such approach helps teachers to learn more about students and to plan lessons in such a way that all the students get what they need.

After getting accepted students are provided with their personal cosmetology sets that have all the necessary tools for hairstyling. The largest course of studying takes 10 months. During 1,500 hours of the studying course students attend lessons where they are taught makeup, cutting, hairdressing and many more.
When attending color classes students are supposed to learn all the secrets of hair dyeing practicing their skills on mannequins. Working in pairs, students thoroughly learn the process of hair dyeing from the first to the last minute. A great advantage of this whole process is that at Paul Mitchell School students try their new skills on mannequins. So, if anything goes wrong, the appearance of a real customer won’t be spoiled.
Also, students studying to become makeup professionals are allowed to invite their friends to so called princess parties. On such parties girls practice makeup, manicures, hairdressing etc.
As I have already mentioned, students leave different reviews about Paul Mitchell School. Some of them are pretty satisfied and consider Paul Mitchell School to be a great choice to make. For example, Jessica Schalml says “I went to beauty school before, and I heard a lot of good things about Paul Mitchell. I already have my state license, but you learn a lot more here, it’s a really good school.” Others are furious, and think of the school as a scam. There are a lot of negative reviews about Paul Mitchell School from unsatisfied students.

It’s difficult to give a certain answer whether one should or shouldn’t enter Paul Mitchell School. But, as for me, dozens of years of experience and world’s popularity, are important things to rely on.

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