Party Games on a Budget

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Youíve put all of the money for your party budget into the food and beverages. Thereís still the entertainment to think about. You donít have to spend a fortune to keep your guests happy and enjoying themselves. And you donít have to.

Here are some ideas for party games on a budget.

Itís a traditional favorite, but charades never fails to entertain. Young and old alike can participate in this classic guessing game. Guests play the game by acting out or miming the secret clue to their team for them to guess what it is. Either way, plan ahead by writing down a variety of clues and having them available in a bowl or a box for guests to choose randomly. Clues can be from: movies, televisions shows, songs, quotes, sayings, food, sports, poem, animal, location, event, etc. Just make sure everyone knows your house rules before the game gets started.

Twister is another fun party game where people will get to interact with others. You can play this with kids or make it an all-adult game. Itís a great way to get singles out of the corner and participating. The game is played on a mat that you place on the floor. You can make one with a plain white sheet and colored magic markets. There are four rows of colored circles in yellow, red, blue, and green. A spinner comes with the game to give you action and direction for your left and right foot, as well as your left and right hand. It also has the four colors on it. A player spins and acts out what is directed by the spinner, for example: "left foot blue." The more people on the board, the funnier and crazier the results. Thereís no limit to how many people can play. Youíre the hostÖyou make the rules.

Win, Lose, or Draw
This game is very much like a mix of Charades and Pictionary, only itís a do-it-yourself home version. A secret clue is given to each team for them to guess. Just have an easel, an oversized pad of paper (from local office supply store), and several magic markers. However, this game is all about drawing out the clue, which can make for some raw hilarity. Have an egg time handy so that each team has the same fair amount of time to guess their clues. Topics should come from the following categories: people/places/animals, object, action, difficult words. You can write these out ahead of time and keep them in separate bowls for your teams to choose from. Set a limit to how long youíll play the game and the team with the most correct answers win.

If youíre good at bluffing and using your imagination, then this is the game for you. You can also construct a homemade version, as well, which is explained here. Before your guests arrive, use your dictionary to formulate uncommon or hard to spell words. Have the correct definition written out for each one. To play, all players roll a die and the highest roll gets to be the "dasher." The dasher chooses a word and reads it out loud to everyone. Players write down what they believe the definition is of the word. This is your chance to get creative if you donít know what the word means. Everyone passes their definition to the dasher who then reads all of the definitions, including the real one. Players vote on what they think is the real meaning. Anyone who submits the correct answer gets three points. If a player guesses the correct definition, itís two points. Players get one point for each player who chooses the wrong definition that they wrote. The dasher gets three points if no one gets the correct answer at all. Think of the side-splitting laughs youíll get from this fun game.

Criss White writes about entertainment and party topics. To check out some more party games and baby shower game ideas, visit Baby Shower Ideas.

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