Parents should have the understanding of innocence

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Children, especially young children need the parent to shape, which is unquestionable. But must be shaped according to be molded "material" characteristics, must understand children's innocence. The key lies in "temporarily" back to childhood world when the parents and child get along. To change their psychological position "temporarily" for a child's psychological position, then improve their understanding of children young.

Full understanding

Children have children of their own unique psychological, they aspired to be parents understand, such as they favor game, whether his parents agree or not, the game is always their dominant activities. Even in admission later, they also cannot leave game activities. On a child's game to guide and arrangement is necessary. Try to understand the needs of the children, the interests of the child, and the child's emotional... A word is to try to understand the children as a unique psychological experience and psychological performance, put away the parentsí subjective experience, and objectively reflects the child's true colors.

Sensitive feeling

The achievement of innocence not only stays on children's fully understanding, otherwise, it will still be passive. Children have their emotions and thoughts problems. Whether or not the parents can be sensitive to be timely experiencing and feelings, and try to in extremely natural scenarios to help solve, become another important symbol and reflect of the childishness achievement.

Moderate maternal love

Maternal love for the child's psychological development is essential. Leaving hot love, link between parents and children will rupture, can form t psychological space difficult to fill. But the mother love must be moderate.

Reasonable expectations

Parents of children's expectation is understandable, who is not willing to own child future achievement. But if expecting is away from childís psychological development level and bear ability, which is not only unrealistic, but also can make their normal mental serious setback.

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