Parents role in teenager life

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Rapidly changing world parents need to recognize after 18 years of age your children’s are their own different person who must have his or her own identity. This is causing big problem in their personal life and carrier life. They never learn to make their own decision. Without that they can never discover their ability and become independent.

I have one example of my German friend his father was diplomat in German embassy in Washington. He was living many years in Washington with his parents. He said when he got 18 years old he wanted to travel America – his father gave him only 100 US$ and he started his journey with that only – he traveled one city work few days earn some money and travel to another city.

There was not a problem that his father had not enough money but he wanted him to know money value in first place and second he should make his own identity to know who is he.

We only keep telling who is my father – who is my Uncle and so on. We never want to know who am I ? 90% cases we can see around us we are 60 years old but don’t have power to make our own decision even what to cook for party or what to wear. Friendly relation with your children help them to keep away from bad company. As long as they can come and tell you everything if they have done something wrong and they realize themselves instead of you are forcing them.

I have an experience of my life till today I know in my last 30 years I got drunk only twice. When I was 17- 18 years old use to drink some time with my brother at home before the meal. My father was not drinking but he never told us not to drink he was keeping always all types drink at home. One day one my Uncle from the village took me to a function after that he took me to a wine shop on the corner where he took one bottle and he put me also few drinks without meal or proper water just on corner of the street. Then he drove his motorcycle towards our village before reaching, stop again and gave me good one. I lost full control ,It become night he drop me to our door and ran away – I was not able to walk. My sister took me to bed and took off my shoes. That night I didn’t eat anything and I was omitting only. Next day when I wake up it was the same. I was so afraid of my father but he didn’t say me any word he told to my mother and sister what to give me for drink and eat.

In the evening I got better and was surprised that my father didn’t say me nothing. His that behavior generated so much fear and shame in me so that I realized that I shouldn’t do anything like this in my life again.

Having a boy friend or girl friend is not bring you anything bad in your life. With that only you start learning the character of other person. This is very important to know if you want to have pleasant relationship in your life not convene marriage.

In the life you marry to a person you have known him well at least for one or two years will bring in your future life big difference. Our traditional arrange marriage were good when there was not much education and today world we are living those things are not much matching to our life style. Sex education for children is also very important which prevent them from many bad accident in their life.

As I was married to European culture women and brought her in my village in 1997. We spent few days with our family and met our sister brother, nephews and nieces. After that young children open their mind little bit and we brought one of our nephew to live with us in Russia for one year where he learned about other world. After he came back was living in village and my niece my sister only one daughter had a boy friend from the school but the boy was from similar type family. My sister start looking boy for her wedding. One day she told them that she has a boy in her school she want to marry him. My sister and her husband started owner killing type things. Then my nephew from other village came after he told them nothing is wrong in that if the boy is also real. They did little work on that and found out they both love each other and want to get marry.

After all settling my sister called me and told all the story. I was very happy and I went to their wedding now they are most happy coupal in our family. I mean to say we have to always a give a try in life for better things.

My niece has only one brother who was studying in Chandigarh.

I always make joke with him when you will find a girl friend ?

If you cannot find a girl in your life what else you will do !

If you built up personal relationship with your partner you have different fun of married life.

Since I came back to India last year – I have many business friends I see them they will go home as much late they can go from the office and Sunday also they make some excuse to go to office. I ask them when you spend your time with your wife and children !

The reason is that relation with their wife they have to make the children and have wife to show to society. Which is looking outdated in today society because wives are also educated.

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