Parenting Tips On How To Motivate Your Child

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How many times do you acknowledge your child and say thank you? A child especially needs encouragement to feel loved and self-motivated. As a parent, it is your responsibility that your child grows up to be a motivated and confident person. As parents, you can help your children develop confidence about their own selves by acknowledging and appreciating their efforts and endeavors.

Learn to take failures in stride

It is not necessary that your child succeeds every time in everything he/she does. Failures are also a part of growing up. If your child does not perform well in something and if you keep nagging him/her, your child will feel disheartened and will lose confidence to try again to do better.

Encouragement goes a long way in shaping a child’s beliefs. Especially in today's times when children face immense peer pressure and there is so much competition and frustration; it becomes all the more important for parents to encourage their children and support them.

Here are a few simple parenting tips that can help you encourage your child:

Praise your child
Usually parents don't miss an opportunity to scold their children when they do something wrong, but most often parents tend to forget to acknowledge their children when they do something right. Take some time and try to think how often have you forgotten to praise your children when you asked them to do some chores be it cleaning the table, putting dishes in the sink and so on. No matter how small a task is, praising your child, whenever he/she does a good job is very important.

Praise him/her by saying a few words of appreciation such as “good job, well done,”, “you are on the right track,” “that is a real improvement,” “I'm proud of the way you did this,” “Amazing - How did you do that,” “you are learning fast” and so on. Once you start showing your appreciation when your child does the right things, you will notice that he/she will make extra efforts to do things better.

Say 'thank you'
Thank your children whenever they do a good job. Many parents feel that saying 'thank you' to children is not important. On the contrary saying a simple 'thank you' gives that extra push to the child to try harder. Just like adults, children also need appreciation and when their parents thank them, children feel proud of their work and it gives a boost to their confidence.

Be a good listener
The best way to enhance your parent child relationship is by maintaining good communication and listening to your child. Listen to your children about how they spent their day at school, what they say about their friends, the problems they faced and the fun they had. Usually when children don't get listened to by parents, they either turn to their friends and peers or stop communicating. Their feelings, doubts, questions and emotions get bottled up. Be gentle and understanding with your children and listen to them patiently.

Don't reward children with money
When your children do some good work, praise them but don't reward them with money. Getting paid for every little thing they do can make children give over importance to money from a very tender age. For instance, if you reward your child with extra money for doing household chores, he/she will start expecting money for things that are part of his responsibilities of being a family member.

If you keep offering money for doing chores, this will generate a feeling of selfishness and the child will do work only if she is given money. There are other, much fruitful ways of rewarding your child or showing your appreciation. Take out your little one for an outing or a movie, let him invite his friends over for some fun time or surprise your child by getting her something – say, a box of chocolates or a couple of books.

Watch a motivational video
Another good way to encourage a child is by showing them good, motivational videos. There are some great sites which offer amazing inspirational quotes videos which you can watch along with your child. These motivational videos are designed to inspire children, enhance child development and convey the important life lessons of kindness, self-confidence, honesty, self-motivation and creative spirit. These motivational videos also are a great source of tips and information on parenting children effectively.

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