Parenting Problems

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There is no one thing that will magically work for everyone. But there are methods that work! Do you have a difficult child? Is the gap getting wider between you? You are not alone. Many have this same problem. You are reading this with hopes to improve and correct this. You are one step ahead of most parents who ignore the situation. Proper parenting skills are needed in this lifelong process. Being a parent is hard enough without having to wonder if you're doing it right.


Most likely you already are doing some things right. I'm sure you remember the way you were raised. And because of those experinces you know what you would or wouldn't do in raising your own child. Sometimes children pick up bad habits and behaviours. And there are ways of changing behaviours that have been acquired by your child. Don't despair!. A child will become a good member of society if treated with love, respect and firmness. A child needs guidance and to be pointed in the right direction. I found from experience one of the first things that happens is bedtime problems. Your child wants to sleep with you. Don't fall in this trap. Put your child to bed. Maybe read a story together. But that is where your child will sleep. Later, if he or she gets out of bed to come in your room to crawl in your bed, take your child back to their bed. You may need to do this 2 or 3 times during the night, but soon your child will realize sleeping in your bed is not an option!

If your child constantly rebels, don't fight the fight. Offer the child options. She doesn't ever want to wear what you want her to wear. Fine. Give her 3 different choices. Then the decision is hers, not yours. Let your child help with dinner. Ask him or her to help clean up afterwards. After cleanup, there is dessert, or maybe family game time. There are ways to work with your child to make parenting a joy.

But remember, you are the parent. Do not let your child run the house. There must be rules set and the child must obey them. Once the child realizes that there are no consequences for bad behavior, you have lost!


Parenting is the most underpaid job ever. Those who say that parenting is easy are the ones who most likely are childless. I have 2 children of my own. Things are not always smooth sailing. But over time, both turned out great. I'm not the world's greatest parent. But I try my best. That's the best anyone can do. When your child is young, he turns to you for everything. Even after your child has grown up, he or she will still come to you for advice. You need to be there. Parenting is nothing but a continuous process. You will always be the mom or the dad. That never ends.


How hard can being parent can be? As everyone knows, there were no instruction books issued with babies as they left the hospital! It can be overwhelming. Just when you think you've got it figured out, another wrench gets thrown in. Your child might not want to eat this, wear that, study, share, etc, etc..... It's a battle sometimes. But there are answers. And it will get


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