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No matter what school of thought you follow when it comes to parenting, the most important thing is to have a solid foundation and a good rapport with your children. While this may be obvious, it's nevertheless something that's very often lacking in the parent child connection. Unfortunately, the most typical parenting style one adapts is the one that was learned from one's own parents, no matter how inadequate or even damaging this may have been. If this is the case, there's little chance for change, as every generation repeats the same pattern. But since you've sought out this article, this means that you want to find a more effective and proactive parenting style. Nobody is born with the knowledge to teach or raise others, and that usually is not taught in school, either.

As challenging as toddlers can be, there are in fact a number of ways you can respond to their antics. You can use the fact that these young children have very short attention spans to your advantage. Therefore, whenever a toddler is doing something that's causing you a problem, the easiest response is usually to redirect his attention to something else. You may already be doing this, even if you never thought about it this way. There is such a natural and almost logical thinking behind it. As soon as you see that your toddler is about to do something inappropriate, you should immediately create a distraction. Every toddler is a little different, so you have to use whatever diversions are most likely to capture the attention of your own child.

The best strategy is to always make your children aware of what's acceptable and what isn't. Children who grow up with such clearly defined limits can feel more secure within this structure. You don't have to be heavy-handed when you explain these boundaries; just be clear and firm about it. You can hope that your children will respect these limits, but you realistically have to expect that this won't always be the case. So just accept it because fighting it will only cause friction and stress. Rules and boundaries must be consistently enforced, or your children won't take them seriously.

Every individual is born with certain talents and certain limitations. Everyone knows this, and there's no escaping it. So it goes with your children, and that is why you must take that into account with the expectations you have of your children.

They should know that you love and accept them apart from any accomplishments or talents they may have. It can have a very detrimental impact on a child's self esteem if you try to turn them into something that they're not. Many adults still suffer from the unrealistic demands their parents placed on them. It's fine to encourage children to reach their true potential, but you have to always consider what their natural aptitudes and interests are.

From a very young age, until the time they leave home, your kids will test you to see if you can handle what they have to offer. The easiest way to get through these difficult moments is to stay calm and relaxed.

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