Parenting Little Kids Can be a Challenge

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Sometimes it is a toss-up when deciding whose job is more challenging, being a kid or being a parent. Parenting little kids means different things to different parents but the one commonality among all parents is being a positive role model. Parents are the first role models kids see and from a very early age, they will mimic their behavior. Their impressionable minds will absorb everything a parent does and says so if the kid's verbal's and actions are on the good side of the behavior line, a positive influence is being made.

Parenting little kids is a full time job. It will take a repeated effort for the kids to learn the lesson and not because they are being stubborn but because they are kids. Once the lesson is learned it will stick so make sure it is a good lesson the kids are being taught. Do not confuse the kids with conflicting behavior. Saying one thing and doing another will do nothing for the kids. They will not know what is acceptable and not acceptable.

The best way to describe kids is they are like little sponges. They will absorb and soak up everything around them whether the parents think the kids are paying attention or not. Kids will absorb the environment around them. If they live within a negative environment, they will learn that behavior. If they see the lack of respect, rude and crude behavior, those are the traits they will display. If they see respect for one another and a loving and positive attitude, that is what the kids will become.

A terrific way for a parent to reinforce good behavior is to focus attention on the good things they do. Positive attention will result in positive attitude and positive behavior. If a child is told they are stupid, lazy, dopey and any other negative term around, they will become that is what they will become. Parenting little kids are demonstrating by words and action that being good is better than being bad.

An overall parenting plan should include guidelines, rules, laws whatever a parent wants to call them, but it is an overall framework of what is expected of the kids as well as the parents. Boundaries and consequences must be part of the package. Parenting little kids means making them understand every action comes with a consequence. Sometimes the kids have to learn the hard way an action will have a negative result. Consequences, which is a fifty-cent word for punishment, must be appropriate for the age of the kids. The punishment must be carried out or the kids will have the upper hand.

Parenting little kids sometimes means letting the kids know when mom or dad made an error in judgment. Parents sometimes say or do something in a particularly aggravating moment that was unintended. The kids will want to send mom and dad to time out or take away computer or television privileges but perhaps make up for the error by allowing the kids an extra half hour of stay up time on a non school night or a trip to the ice cream store for a cone.
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