Parenting Advice for Happier Parents and Children

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Every parent wants their kids to grow up to be happy and well-adjusted individuals. From the time that the new baby arrives, the parents do everything in their power to make it smile, laugh and coo. As the child gets older and begins to go to school, Moms and Dads continue to ensure their childís safety and happiness.

However the child learns to become more and more independent which can cause the parents to become unhappy. The key to both the parents and childrení happiness is by creating strong and lasting parent child relationships.

Tone Down Your Voices
All too many adults believe that they can get their point across simply by raising their voices to their children. The truth is that children actually do better when their parents and other adults speak to them instead of yelling at them. If both the parents and children talk to each other, each will be more accepting of the otherí point of view and opinion.

When a family is able to calmly discuss issues and problems, the chances are that they will come to an easier resolution that everyone can live with. Talking in this fashion will strengthen child parent relationships and create bonds that will stay with them throughout their lifetimes.

Family Mealtime
One of the easiest ways for you to have a happier family life is to take the time to eat together. It is a proven fact that families who sit down at the dining room table to enjoy their meals tend to have strong child parent relationships.

Those that canít be bothered to spend this time together usually have strained relationships. Parenting advice: If parents and children prepare the meals and eat them together from an early age, the kids will grow up to have healthier and happier relationships when they get older. Itís also a fun and productive way to improve the parent child relationships and teach the children how to eat healthfully for a better life.

Take Time Out to Play
One of the best parenting advice for parents and children is to spend quality time playing together. This is a great way to relieve the stress that working parents usually have as well as bond with their kids. Of course, the activities that you plan for playtime should be appropriate for all of your children. Selecting something that will be too difficult for a specific child to participate in will simply have him feeling bad about himself.

Board games are always a good way to play with your kids. Many families like playing charades or doing puzzles while others like to go for bike rides or play a game of touch football. The point is that it really doesnít matter what form of play that parents and children participate in, what matters is that you improve your parent child relationships by playing together.

Never Quit Cuddling
As children get older, many parents completely stop cuddling with their kids. They tend to think that once their kids begin kindergarten or grade school that they no longer need to be cuddled. Numerous studies have shown that when parents and children cuddle, the kids will grow up to be trusting, caring and loving individuals.

Kids learn everything that they will need to know about all relationships from their parents. For example, kids who grow up watching their working parents strive to be the best they can and help their coworkers as well, will usually become adults with a strong work ethic and care about those they work with on a daily basis.

You should cuddle with your kids as well as show them that you are a productive member of society and your kids will grow up to be the same. Besides, cuddling encourages bonding between parents and children and will help you have better child parent relationships.

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