Paranormal Activity Movie Review

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The movie "Paranormal Activity" is being considered as the most profitable film ever on US box office. Filmed with a budget of US$15000, the film is making its way into the record books after storming the box office last month. The movie is a kind of "bump in the night" style thriller without any CGI beasties. The cinematic experience of Paranormal Activity is spine-chilling and intense.
This is a terrific of Oren Peli's film owes a great deal to The Blair Witch Project's guerilla filmmaking techniques. The straight forward story is well knitted and shot entirely on camcorder setup by a young couple to record evidence of the presence of ghost. The tale starts in a normal manner, but unfolds into a terror one immediately after the entity's presence is felt. The film is highly successful due to these reasons.
Not so known actors like Micah Sloat and Katie Featherston played their part handsomely in the movie. Their work is naturalistic and credible as the highly troubled protagonists, having their original names in the movie in order to achieve Blair Witch style authenticity. Sloat, portrayed well as a determined man committed to defend his house bravely from an invisible and unknown threat, but during moments of relief he added some softness in terms of amusing quips.

The camera work as well as editing are making movie more powerful. The static shot at night of couple's bedroom, as Micah was keen to document any unusual happenings while they are unconscious was the best part of the movie. The movie forced its viewers to concentrate on still shots and listen out for any sound no matter how little the sound is and view every corner of the room for signs of ghost presence. The whole movie is the masterpiece of the talent and skills of the director Peli who glued the audience proving him to be a genius director.

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