Paper Spacecraft Models

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Model building has been around along time. Ever since people first built ships to sail the oceans, someone wanted a model of it. Ship models from all over the world have been found by archaeologists. The Egyptians, Phoenicians and Greeks were some of the most prolific ship model builders. Most model boats in history were made of wood.

Today there are many types of models to build. Polystyrene is a very popular model material. While most are easy to glue together the main challenge is to do a good job painting them. There is also resin and wood models to name a couple.

Paper is a building material for models that is often overlooked. Paper makes a very durable and detail model. To look at them, one would not think they were made of paper. There are some really great paper models available for free downloading. There are great models of planes, ships, tanksand spacecraft to download.

Building paper models is something any one with any level of skill can do. Some of them are harder to do than others. Some have instructions, some don't.You will start to know how they go together after you do a few.

With paper models you can find models of things you just can't find anywhere else, like space probes. Models of space probes made of polystyrene are hard to find Sure you can get a model of one if you want to spend $300 for a "museum quality" model. But do you really need a model of the Galileo space probe that bad?

With a little bit of effort you will have a great looking model for only a few pennies. You don't have to paint them. all you need is a color printer and all the details are done for you. While paper models are inexpensive they are still great looking and fun to build.

You can find more information about paper models @ Spaceship models.

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