Paper Lanterns

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There are many things that we could do with paper. It is no longer used solely for writing purposes. It could also be used in our arts and crafts projects. These projects are primarily the reason why there are many kinds of papers in the market. Each paper types cater to a certain kind of art project that is known to man. In addition, these art and craft projects tend to create something useful and durable stuff that we could use in our every day lives.

One of the most popular art and crafts output is the paper lanterns. Considered as one of the best and prettiest crafts, these paper products are sought after by people all around the world. It exudes unique eye-warming lights and pleasant colors that brings nostalgic memories to many. Paper lanterns are easy to make. In fact, anyone could make it. You could successfully make a paper lantern as long as you put your heart and mind on it.

The first thing that you should do before you start working on your paper lantern is to conceptualize what kind of paper lantern you would be working on. You should check the internet for designs. You should also figure out from the beginning what is the color, size, and shape of your lantern. Once these things are already decided you can get down to business with making the paper lantern. With the design figured out, it would be easier for you to gather your materials and work on your paper lantern.

You will need a good pair of scissors, high quality paper, a cutter, coloured tape, a candle, a battery and several other items for your paper lantern. Once you already have everything you may start working on your paper lantern already. First, make the handle of your lantern by taking a rectangular piece of paper and folding it along its length. Unfold the paper and trim a narrow strip off it at the end. Now fold the paper in half making it long and thin. Draw a faint line where you are supposed to cut to make the lantern.Make a series of cuts on the line making sure they are evenly placed. Do not cut at the edges and leave at least a one-inch gap from the edges.

Once the cutting is complete, you may now unfold the paper and roll the lantern into a cylinder. The short edges that were left alone earlier could now be taped or stapled. Meanwhile, the narrow strip that was cut in the initial stages can now be attached to the edges to make the handle of the lantern. Now your paper lantern is complete! Isn’t that easy?

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