Panasonic KX-DT346 Digital Proprietary Telephone System

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The KX-DT300 series of business telephones features outstanding voice quality and a range of productivity-boosting features, including support for Bluetooth-enabled wireless headsets on two of the four new models. Sporting a sleek "double-tilt" design with a base unit and display that can be adjusted separately to match any work environment, the new phones integrate easily with Panasonic's different telephone platforms.

Panasonic KX-DT346 Digital Proprietary Telephone System features
6-Line LCD Back-lit Display
24 Programmable Keys
4 Soft Keys
Easy Navigation Key
Full Duplex Speakerphone
7 Step Tilt Angle
Panasonic introduces the new KX-DT300 Digital Proprietary telephone series that are stylish, intuitive, user friendly and follow universal design philosophy making them highly appealing, easy and comfortable to use by all system telephone users.

The KX-DT300 Series Digital Proprietary telephones provides a range of advanced features and functionality, communications productivity and customer care. This advanced range integrates with Panasonic KX-TDA and KX-TDE as well as integration with the advanced KX-NCP Network Communications Platforms - allowing quick access to the entire spectrum of phone system features and applications.

These Panasonic telephones offer superb voice quality thanks to handsfree speakerphone and integrated headset port. The sleek, ultra-modern design, available in both black and white colour options, works well with any office decor.

Packed with a whole host of features, the KX-DT300 Series Digital Proprietary telephones could not be more simple to use. The phones have large alphanumeric displays, programmable keys, Bluetooth module providing wireless headset support, easy navigation key, and double tilt adjustment (separate control for phone base and LCD display) for enhanced desktop usability and comfort.

Alphanumeric Display
Visual feedback on the user-friendly LCD display makes it easier to handle calls and perform other tasks. Use it to view a variety of information or to access system features. Users can also make calls by simply accessing their personal or system directories using clearly labelled soft keys and visual prompts shown on the LCD display. The display can show many items such as:

- Incoming caller's name and number (ISDN, CID)
- Message waiting, absent messages, feature settings
- Log of incoming and outgoing calls (Extension Call Log, Group Call Log)
- System/personal speed dial list
- Extension lists
- Call Duration
- Menu of PBX system features
- Time and date

RK Communications recommends the Panasonic KX-DT346 telephone system.

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