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Bring home DISH Network connection and get yourself pampered with DISH America Gold. With DISH America Gold package you can enjoy more than 85 of the best DISH Network channels. DISH America Gold pack is a top-notch DISH Network HD package, which is the best option for DISH Network subscribers. This DISH Network package includes all HD channels listed in DISH America and DISH America Silver.

In addition to exclusive DISH Network HD programming with Encore HD, Biography Channel HD, ESPN HD, National Geographic Channel HD, Nickelodeon HD, Science Channel HD, Sportsman Channel HD, Fox Soccer Channel HD and lots more, you can also enjoy your favorite local channels. You will be delighted to enjoy hilarious comedy shows, terrific action movies, enlivening sports, family programs and many more by grabbing hold of DISH America Gold pack.

DISH American Gold is considered to be the best DISH Network packages, as it is a complete family entertainer and offers programs that match the tastes of every member in the family irrespective of the age. If you are crazy about watching television programming on high-definition mode, this can be the ultimate DISH Network package. You will get more than 85 DISH Network channels in HD for a payment of $49.99 per month for the initial 12 months, after which, you need to reimburse the normal price of $59.99 each month. If you are subscribing to local channels, you donít have the need to pay anything extra.

If you are subscribing to DISH America Gold pack, you can access DISH Network exclusive channels as well as DISH Network channels presented for the interest of the public. You can also choose several HD receivers available from DISH Network. In this case DISH network can help its clients to select the right HD receiver that will suit their need. Again if you are having an HD television set at home, you can make the most of it by watching 100% HD programming through DISH America Gold. So, all you need to do is to make that phone call and subscribe to this DISH America Gold package. Just relax and enjoy the best-in-class entertainment from DISH Network.

The DISH Network Channels that will perk up your leisure comprise of A&E, Alma Vision Hispanic Network, America tdve, Angel One, Angel Two, Animal Planet HD, Big Ten Network HD, Bio HD, Bravo HD, BYUTV, Cartoon Network (East) SAP, Cartoon Network (West), CBS College Sports HD, CCTV-9 3, CCTV-E 3, Christian Television Network, Classic Arts Showcase, CMT, CNBC, CNN, Collectables & Treasures, Colors TV, Comedy Central, Cooking Channel HD, Discovery Channel, DISH Earth, DISH Network FYI , DISH Shopping, Dish HOME, Encore (East) HD, ESPN, Florida Education Channel, Food Network , Free Speech TV, Gems And Jewelry TV, Golf Channel HD, Hallmark Movie Channel HD, HD Theater, HD Net, Health & Human Services, HGTV, History, HITN, Home Shopping Network (HSN) and many more.

Hurry to catch up with this fabulous DISH Network package and boost up the joy of your favorite pastime in a magnificent style.

DISH Network- the best satellite TV provider in USA is winning the hearts of million spectators. Subscribe to DISH America Gold- one of the best DISH Network packages and get yourself pampered.

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