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The Paleo diet or the Paleolithic diet is also known as raw foodism or the cave manís diet! Paleo recipes have been tried and tested for the last forty years and have provided excellent results in terms of health and fitness. Thousands of years ago our ancestors hunted for their food and collected natural fruits and nuts, this diet kept them healthy and helped them to live longer than we humans do today. The secret was in the diet, it was unprocessed, natural aand nutritious. However after we started agriculture and farming our cooking processes and also the type of food we ate changed dramatically.

Our foods today consist more of synthetic products and chemical substitutes which lead to problems like cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure and the most common of all obesity ! Obesity is not just about the appearance it ruins your health as well as confidence. People have been trying hundreds of diets to find one that suits them, but not many can strictly follow a diet either because it is too rigid or because it does not provide the desired results. Paleo diet recipes however allow you to eat a number of your favourite foods cooked in a healthy way. What the diet requires is to abstain from oils, dairy products, sugar and salt.

The cave men were hunters and collectors thus their food mainly included meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts, roots and seeds. It did not contain any added preservatives, chemicals, colour or anything that was not natural. Paleo recipes today include bacon, eggs, broccoli, cashews, almonds, sweet potatoes and a number of other healthy foods. The preparation is simple and suits almost all who want to follow it. It helps you improve your eating habits and also helps the body to get rid of all the unwanted stuff that has accumulated in it.

Paleo recipes help you eat and lose weight at the same time, other diets may harm the body by making you starve or crave for food , but this diet heals the body and helps you lose kilos naturally. It slowly becomes a life style and as you discover the benefits you will hold on to it all the more.
Our ancestors were as healthy as horses, had tremendous stamina and energy and lived for long years. The simple secret was eat healthy -live healthy; itís time the modern man took a few tips from them !

If this is your first time hearing about paleo recipes, then you will want to have a quick background. For more Informations Please visit our paleo diet website.

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