Paints and Dogs

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First, graffiti. Now, ruffiti. Carrying the images of his dogs are the uncontested spaces all over Manhattan like construction site fences or buildings. These portraits of his dogs have been able to generate reactions from dog lovers and those who are not that particular about dogs. More expert paintings information is located at dog portrait artist.

Most of the time, he gets positive and negative responses for his paintings. Since the dogs' conception in 1987, they have appeared in fashion spreads, MTV and the movies. There was even a seven city tour one summer on Route 66 because of how successful everything went.

He was not fond of art dealers and this is why he made these portraits. He says that as an artist, you have to deal with dealers who dictate what they think they can sell. The kinds of artists who want nothing more but to be a household name in the world of art compromise their artistic freedoms.

He just wanted a new challenge and this is why he created these. Nothing compares to how these dogs are portrayed. Not only the paintings but the dogs themselves are different. He considers this to be the best showcase of art. Obtain further advice on oil painting discount and the subject of paintings.

When he paints a dog, what he uses are seven swift strokes. He grew tired of the pieces of art that galleries displayed and this is why he tried this kind of painting style out. Because of the dog show, a woman living down the street from the gallery visited the gallery for the first time. What she got from the gallery was a $1,500 dog painting.

They did not hold the show solely for sales. Other than sales, the artist signed a couple of autographs. One person believed that the artist was harming the dogs that he paints. Such paintings are ruining life in New York as mentioned by another person.

There will always be detractors the artist said. When he was not painting, he would engage in buying and selling antiques.

A lot of his works can be attributed to the sights of New York. Usually, when nighttime hits, you will find him in the Wall Street area. When summer is about to arrive, he will plan a trip to the country. This tour is called the Dogs across America tour.

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