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Painting is an art that includes application of paint, pigment or color to a surface, usually with a brush. Painting is usually done on different surfaces like paper, canvas, clay, wood, paper and sometimes at concrete. Different things like clay and sand etc are also used to incorporate paintings.

It is said that paintings are used by anyone to convey his expressions. With both naturalistic and representational type, paintings may be seen depicting one's emotions, be symbolist, show narrative content or be politically inclined.

Paintings were actually initiated in Eastern and Western art demonstrating numerous spiritual ideas. The structure of painting depends upon one's perception and way of representing the intensity in mind. The thinking of a very good painter is dependent upon his practical experiences. For example, blue color for a painter can be any of the blues: phtalocyan, Paris blue, indigo, cobalt, ultramarine, etc. The meaning depicted by any painting is actually dependent upon the color scheme used.

An artist aims to capture the emotions and expressions through the medium of painting that is retained for a longer period as compared to music or dance where the most attractive moves disappear before they are understood. Painting can actually speak to the audience of an artist by means of the colors, textures and tones used within the painting's frame.

The modern artists have added work like collage to their paintings which is actually not considered a part of painting. Similarly, earlier in 1829, the first photograph was produced which somewhat led to the loss of the historic purpose of painting i.e. depicting the observable world. Thus, it can be said that the modern and contemporary art has led to fading away of the historic art value.

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