Painting on a large scale canvas

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When choosing to paint on a large scale canvas it can be very daunting to many artists out there. Firstly before you decide the scale of your canvas u need to overcome the bigger picture and version of painting you are about to embark on by simply imagining the work you normally paint but try to imagine it zoomed in as you would when zooming in on a photograph. Or unless you want to paint the picture on the same smaller scale that you are used to buy have more going on in the background.

A tip when starting your painting. You can either start on small sections of the picture you are painting then eventually start to bring your canvas artwork together to make up one whole picture or the other way is if your feeling very confident in yourself and you think you can go in all guns blazing then please feel free to try and get the body of the art in the picture first then once you have the outline of the main focus of the painting then you can fill in the gaps with the details as you go or you could wait until towards the end to fill in the detail.

Another three good tips to remember is before you start you need to make sure that you have more paint than you would normal use as bigger canvas normal mean a lot more paint will be used. Also make sure you have bigger brushes than you normally have as if you use the same brushes that you use from the smaller canvas art youíre used to painting then you will find that it will take you much longer finish. The best tip I can give you is great. Now when you first look at your picture that you will be painting try and look and see what colour will be used the most and then the second colour that is used the most then work your way back from that as this is going to save you lots of time instead of going back to mixing up the same colour over and over again which can waist your paint and your time. This way you will achieve your artwork much faster and will be more beneficial to you so you can stand back and view the beauty for yourself and then you can start to eye up your next canvas artwork masterpiece.

If your painting a large canvas then you need to remember that it will take a lot more time to produce the finish line, you need to make sure that you have regular breaks to keep the flare going as it can be hard work sometimes with a big canvas painting. What i remember from my last painting is that you would find yourself in a trend and that sometimes you will just be so stuck into the picture that you shut out everything around you and just focus your mind straight into the painting its self, this is brilliant and what itís all about so if you get that feeling then you will definitely be on your way and you would have definitely made the right choice of picture to isnít and size canvas to paint it on.
Good luck and remember to have your breaks and to have all your equipment in a lot of quantity and right at your side before you begin.

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