Painting for a beginner

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If you would like to start painting then there is a few things and tips i would bear in mind before you start your adventure out in the art world.

First of all I would recommend that you draw a few pictures first to get the feel of putting the image in front of your eyes onto paper. Then once you have the feel of trying to perfect this then you can start to put the same method onto canvas but through a paint brush rather than a pencil or pen to paper. I would also suggest to start as a hobby to then that way there is no pressure to make every piece of artwork perfect and then you can go at your own pace to.

If you use acrylic colour then to start off with you only need to use the primary colour which would be red, blue, green, black, white, and yellow, you will find that you need other colour like purple or orange or brown but the beauty of have the prim colours is that you can make up the colours you need. So for an example you make a specific type of green with yellow and blue or you can get a purple colour with blue and red and of course for the orange colour you just need to mix up red and yellow.

Now you have your ability to paint then you need to decide what type of pictures to paint for you canvas artwork masterpiece. I would always recommend the best object to start with would be still life pictures drawings or paintings. That way you can practice you different colour tone or shading which will come in handy when you painting something with a lot of detail.

When painting you will also need to make sure you have the right materials with you. After you have your paintbrushes and paint you need the canvas to which you may want to make yourself at a later stage or you can buy them from many art supply shops. Havenít the correct position is important to. You might be better off to have a table to lean on when you first start painting for more stability. Once you are more confident you can then go onto using an easel. I really would recommend starting with the table though as most artists will use the wrist for balance when drawing or painting and you would struggle if youíre not a professional to begin with.

Now that youíre a master in what you do then printing your artwork could be a good idea for you. Not only selling purposes but you may want to share your amazing creation with some of your friends which is always very nice as a gift because itís a unique idea and not many people would guess whatís under the wrapping paper and it would be a very nice surprise so having you artwork sent off for canvas printing is always a good option.

A lot of great topics can be chosen when deciding upon your canvas artwork. A couple are landscape (the more preferred topic) , portraits of people. Animal pictures are always a very good subject to. I would defiantly recommend that the best way to start would be to use an object like a fruit of a flower on a table and paint or draw.

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