Paint Your House 10 Easy Steps

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The main reason we paint our houses is to preserve them from the elements which attack them ceaselessly all year long. Without this they would not retain their high value.
When painting your exterior you have to make use of the good weather, so it is best to have a plan to do the job in easy stages. Here is my Ten easy steps.

Plan the job
Painting the outside of a house especially a complete redecoration is by no means a small job. What is needed is a plan to complete the work in small stages such as: front, back, sides, gutters and downpipes and stucco work. Each section you complete brings you nearer to it's finish. Paint the front door last.

Necessary Repairs
If the property has not been decorated for a few years, there is a good chance that the weather has taken it's toll and you will have major works to do. Once the rain gets into the woodwork rot soon sets in. There's no telling till you make a thorough investigation.

Buy Materials
Once all the repairs are all sanded down smooth you will need to think about materials, You might have all you need in the shed or basement. If you have stucco or masonry to paint it's easier if you paint it back the same colour, but you will probably still need to give two coats. If you change the colour it could be three.

Arrange for ladders
Acquire a suitable ladder for the painting of the exterior, you might have your own, or be able to borrow one. If non of these applies, hire one. The hire firm will deliver and collect it all for a reasonable charge. This is a good idea for you will not only get the correct size ladder, but also a safe one.

Clean and prepare gutters
It is quiet likely you will come across a bad joint in the guttering, this can be put right with a little mastic or putty squeezed into the joint.
Deal with the downpipes in exactly the same way as the outside of the guttering, making sure all the brackets are tight and firmly fixed to the wall.

Paint woodwork
When you come to inspect the woodwork on the windows and doors. Taking a close look you find that they are blistered, cracked, and flaking. You could do as a scamp-job just scrape down and paint. This will only cause you trouble in the future. The best solution is the strip the flaky paint off.

Paint walls

Most houses have areas of stone work that need repainting, flat rendered areas are easy to paint you can use a roller on them. More difficult surfaces like pebble-dash can be hard work. All surfaces will require some filling do this before painting. Make sure the day is going to remain dry.

Paint metal windows
When the window is in a bad condition, rub down well with emery cloth. If by this time a good deal of bare metal is visible it is best to apply an overall coat of primer. An undercoat followed by a gloss coat should then give a first class finish.

Front entrance door
The last area to be redecorated is the front entrance door and frame. This has to look flawless. Spare no effort on preparation and the finishing coats. When this is done give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

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