Painless Bikini Hair Removals: Tips and Options

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Hairs peeking out of your swimsuit can ruin a perfect day at the pool or beach. Bikini hairs can both be embarrassing and uncomfortable. It is always a good idea to use practical and ">painless bikini hair removal techniques to clear things up. Here are some tips and options:

Shaving is in everyone’s top list for painless bikini hair removal as it is the most convenient. You need not a lot of time for rituals. All you need is a razor and a shaving cream. There are razors specially made for females but you must really be careful when using them so you don’t get any unnecessary skin cuts and breaks. It is always advisable to moisturize after shaving, so putting a little lotion will help. It is also good to put some sunscreen on bikini areas, at least SPF 30, to avoid redness and burns if exposed to sun.

Depilatories are creams and lotions for hair removal. While they are painless, they also eliminate the hair right from the skin's surface. Generally they are made to dissolve the protein found in hair called Keratin. Once dissolved, the hair loses its strength and breaks off. Depilatories come in various strengths to best serve all hair types. It is highly recommended that you do path test before using these creams and lotions to ensure safety. Following the manufacturer’s directions is also crucial as leaving these formulas on skin for too long might cause serious discoloration, or worse, burns.

Some want to remove bikini hairs permanently. Electrolosis is a painless bikini hair removal method performed by a trained professional to address such desire. In electrolosis, an electric current is being circulated to the shaft of each hair. The current detaches the hair and destroys the follicle. In due course the hair ceases to grow in the bikini area. Electrolosis is quite expensive as it requires several treatment sessions before the goal of permanently removing bikini hairs is achieved.

One of the big breakthroughs in cosmetic technology is the use of laser for painless bikini hair removal. Laser therapies also cause permanent disappearance of bikini hairs. But like electrolosis, laser therapies require several sessions to be effective. They are also costly because you need an experienced technician to do the laser treatment for you. The downside of using laser in hair removal is that they are not usually done in women with dark complexions as doing so may cause scarring.

Hair removal, in all body parts, can either be simple or complex, expensive or affordable. Whatever choice you may have there, these set of options for ">painless bikini hair removal are all intended to make you achieve the flawless bikini line you always wanted.

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