Pagers, Waiters and Customers

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Planning to eat out? How many times have you experience going to a restaurant and had to wait for a table? Or sometimes make a fool of yourself trying to get the attention of the waiter? There used to be a time when the waiter would get your name and then either yell out or call over using a microphone or an intercom device when your table was ready. There are some restaurants that still do this, but now the majority of restaurants use pagers.

You must've seen one of these devices before. A pager is a small box made of plastic that the hosts hand out to you after they get your name. This type of pager will simply light up or vibrate depending on its model, which would signal that your table is now ready to be occupied.

You might be wondering how this type of pager work. This pager requires something called a master transmitter. It would look something like a device with a remote antenna on it. This will send out the signal whichever frequency it is listening to. Think of the transmitter like itís a radio station while the pagers are the radios tuning in to the station.

One good reason for implementing restaurant pagers is to reduce wait times of the customer and congestion at the hostess stand. The longer the wait, the shorter the patience of the customer and it wonít a happy customer for sure. This is not good for any restaurant since a lost customer will also mean a loss of money as well.

The hosts can locate you anywhere inside the restaurant using restaurant pagers. Once the transmitter sends signals to your pager, they will be able to find you with little difficulty at all. In some instances pagers are also equipped with beepers.

Beepers are designed to send out something like a nudge or a buzz equivalent to your instant messaging.

One major improvement when using this type of pager is for the restaurant to maintain a quieter atmosphere by removing the need for a PA system. The PA system makes noises which it is quite uncomfortable and disturbing for people. If you own a restaurant or wanting to run this kind of business someday, restaurant pagers are a perfect tool for you to use to increase your sales and improve services as well.

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